Why is my French Bulldog so Destructive?

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At some point, when you return home after a long and busy day at work, you find that everything in your home is destroyed.

You leave your Frenchie at home thinking that he has learned to live alone and that he can spend time alone pleasantly. 

But if you own a French bulldog, you should be aware that these dogs are very prone to separation anxiety and destructive behavior.

French bulldogs have a very loyal, clingy, and charming nature, but their other side of personality can make them destructive. 

In this guide, you will learn more about the destructive behavior of French bulldogs, why they do it, and how we can change this behavior. 

Are French bulldogs destructive? 

When you have a French bulldog, you need to be prepared for the fact that your Frenchie can be destructive at some point like any other dog.

The reason behind that is quite simple.

Basically, dogs have the same genes as their wild ancestors.

However, people have domesticated them for their family and property, but they have the potency to become aggressive and destroy everything.

They generally don’t do those things. 

Even other dogs like pit bulls also have a bad reputation for being aggressive dogs, but they usually aren’t especially aggressive to humans unless you’ve trained them to be.

The same goes for French bulldogs; they are like a large dog that is customized into a small body, which means they have a great attitude and can be aggressive and destructive at times. 

They are also clownish, playful, sweet, and well-behaved dogs that are so attached to their owners that they don’t like to be left alone for too long.

According to most French bulldog owners, they get along well with other members of the family, but sometimes the aggression they show is basically towards the dog of the same sex or when they do not like anything at all. 

Frenchies also become aggressive and destructive when provoked, threatened, or jealous, but they never go beyond growling and barking.

There are no events of French bulldogs attacking other animals or pets if they are trained properly from an early age. 

A well-trained French bulldog can also live with children and other animals such as birds and cats, and there should be no problems, but you have to introduce them from a young age to adapt to each other. 

Do French bulldogs destroy things? 

Normally, when dogs explore the world, they chew on things they come across.

Chewing does many things for dogs: it helps them relieve mild anxiety, overcome boredom and frustration.

Chewing is basically a habit in all dog breeds, but it will lead to destructive behavior if it is associated with any behavior problems. 

Are French bulldog puppies destructive? 

Puppies are the worst chewers, and a Frenchie puppy of any age will destroy anything in front of him.

When French bulldogs are teething, they will put everything in their mouths to ease their pain.

Chewing is not a problem if your Frenchie is chewing on his own toys, but if he started chewing destructively, he would chew on your furniture in frustration. 

Similarly, some dogs will suck, lick, or chew on fabrics.

Many veterinarians think that this problem is present in those puppies that are weaned too early.

At some point, this chewing behavior of the fabric will continue for a long time and result in the destruction of clothing and sheets. 

Why is my French bulldog so destructive? 

Although Frenchie is a friendly dog, there are certain situations in which they can act destructively. 

These are reasons :

  • Staying home alone 
  • Boredom
  • Teething Process 
  • Poor socialization 

Staying home alone 

French bulldogs can suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them home alone for a long time.

They have a very sensitive nature, which is why they react very quickly to loneliness.

So when they stay home alone for a long time, they can show some destructive behaviors, such as chewing on furniture, rugs, shoes, and serious behavior change. 

The Frenchies can also display self-destructive behavior in which they run through the door or window to find their owner.

Similarly, they will also bite their paw or any other part of the body and cause serious harm to their body. 


There is a big difference between bored dogs and dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, and sadly, most owners cannot identify this difference. 

Boredom is a simple problem and easier to solve. It occurs mainly in those dogs that do not perform enough physical activity during the day. 

Although Frenchies are famous for being low-energy dogs, they still need enough interaction and playtime to unleash their energy.

This is why it is important to take your dog for regular walks and give him extra time to play with dog toys. 

You can provide them with interactive toys filled with peanut butter or any other treats that will help keep them busy for a long time.

Toys also help improve your dog’s intelligence, which is another reason to use dog toys. 

Teething Process 

When dogs reach teething age, they are always looking for chews because they can help them deal with pains. So if someone asks you when French bulldogs are destructive, you can tell about the teething stage. 

Normally, they will start to chew on their paws, but you shouldn’t let your dog do it, instead provide him with something else that can ease his pain, such as cooling pain relief gels or teething toys.

Most chew toys are made of silicone and are special toys for chewer dogs. 

Poor socialization 

If you have rescued or adopted a Frenchie, the chances are high that they have not gone through socialization training.

Similarly, French bulldogs that are bought cheaply from unknown breeders will also show a destructive behavior problem in the future. 

But sadly, dogs with destructive behaviors are often left on the street or in rescue organizations.

In such a place, these dogs become more destructive and aggressive.

Therefore, it is important to spend a lot of time socializing with your puppy after adopting him from a shelter or rescue organization. 

Similarly, abandoned Frenchies also act aggressively around children, strange and unfamiliar dogs. They are also nervous about building a trusting relationship with the new owners. 

What are Destructive habits of French bulldogs

The most common destructive behaviors seen in French bulldogs are: 

  • Chewing
  • Barking & Whining
  • Begging


Chewing is a completely natural behavior, and most dogs and puppies chew throughout their lives.

Chewing relieves stress, and dogs have fun doing this. However, if your puppy suffers from separation anxiety or any other behavior problem, he will start to chew destructively. 

Barking and whining 

Dogs barking and whining is how dogs express their feelings, but when this barking and whining becomes excessive, it is important not to ignore the behavior and look for the cause behind it. 


Begging is the problem the owners are responsible for; if you give in, your dog will do it again and again. Not only does begging come in a bad way, but there are also many associated health reasons. 

How do I stop my French bulldog’s destructive behavior? 

If your French bulldog displays destructive behavior, you can control it with proper training and discipline. But the important thing is not to confuse discipline with yelling or physical punishment. 

When you yell at your dog or punish him, he does not understand your aggression and is frightened by it, and in return, he will start barking, and if not treated well, he will begin to show destructive behaviors. 

But this does not mean that you cannot use force to teach your puppy. You can teach discipline through positive reinforcement. 

1. Identify the Problem 

First of all, you have to find the problem that is bothering your dog. Is he feeling lonely, bored, or poorly trained by the previous owner, or poorly socialized?

You have to find the problem; other than that, you will not be able to fix it. 

2. Get the right toys 

If you can provide suitable toys, it can help you resolve your dog’s destructive behavior. Certain chew toys can help channel nibble and gnaw urges.

You can also use interactive toys to entertain your puppies.

Teething toys will help relieve the pain of young puppies, and squishy toys will provide comfort to anxious dogs. 

3. Crate train your dog 

Crate training can go a long way in curbing destructive behaviors like shoe and furniture chewing.

Crates help not only to control destructive behaviors in puppies but also in older dogs that have started to display these behaviors due to lack of socialization.

Yet, putting your puppy in crates should only be used as a last option, but not as a punishment. 

4. Use positive psychology 

You can also use positive psychology methods to train your dog. You can reward him when he does something right instead of punishing him when he does something wrong.

You can reward them with a snack when they enter their crate. Over time, your pup will associate the tasty treat with training and begin to display positive behaviors. 

5. Keep them well exercised 

Take your pup for proper exercise daily because when the Frenchies don’t get the proper exercise, they will turn their attention elsewhere.

Naturally, French bulldogs need a 15-minute walk a few times a day. If you can’t provide them with that much exercise, this breed is not for you. 

Sometimes, there are situations where you cannot provide your puppy with enough exercise, such as when it is raining outside or any other business or family engagement

. In such cases, it is important to provide them with toys that they can play with indoors. 

Final Thoughts  

Like all dogs, the French bulldog can display many destructive behaviors, and it is important to understand the cause and handle it with proper care. If you have trouble handling it, see your vet right away.