French Bulldog puppy teething-What to expect

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If you own a french bulldog puppy or thinking about buying one. 

Keep in mind that, just like human babies, they will also have teeth and knowing what to expect will help you deal with their dental development in the right direction. 

So Let’s take a look at the different stages of teething in French bulldog

French Bulldog puppy teething stages

Whether you’ve had a pet dog or raised a puppy before, tooth loss is going to be part of the process that you’ll experience.

There is nothing scary about it, dogs lose their teeth in all sorts of ways.
The first is when they are a puppy.
Now with French Bulldog puppies, this is how it typically works.

French Bulldog puppy teething

When do the baby teeth start coming in?

Count on your little puppy being just like a baby when it comes to teeth, there aren’t any.

So at first, you’ll just see these gums everywhere, it’s kind of gross and you might never see that part unless you own a female that gave had a litter recently.

After that the first 2-3 weeks or about the same time their eyes start to open, give or take.

When do baby teeth fall out?

After about 3 months when they start their teething and continue until the adult teeth come in.
It’s about 7 or 8 months.

By then all the baby milk teeth should be out and the adult teeth are growing in their place.
French Bulldogs have 28 milk teeth and then as an adult, they get 42 teeth total.

When do adult teeth come in?

As mentioned before, these adult teeth are going to be there no sooner than the 7th or 8th month. That teething is going to be a brutal period if you haven’t prepared your home for the chew-fest that you’ll go through. I’ll talk more on that topic a bit later on this page.

When do they stop teething?

Luckily for you, by the time those little monsters stop chewing up everything- magically those adult teeth have grown in. Trust me when I tell you that by the 8th month is your best bet to see the end of teething. At least by then, they’ve lost all their milk teeth.

How long is the entire teething process? 

The real truth is pretty weird. Not every French Bulldog is going to be the same, so the teething period can be longer or shorter.
Overall, it can take 20-24 weeks or roughly 4 months plus. And by that 8th month, your puppy should have a full set of 42 adult teeth.

Signs of teething in French Bulldog puppies

Signs of teething in French Bulldog puppies

Alright, this is the part where you better order that shoe rack and put your bra, leather belt, or remote control up high on the dresser.

French Bulldog teething is brutal and takes no prisoners when it comes to being chewed up without hesitation.

Here are the signs that you’ve hit the mark and it’s time to get your french bulldog the right kind of chew toys they’ll need. More on that later…

If you see any of these signs and here is what you can do.

  • Seeing red/inflamed gums

Those little milk teeth will eventually fall out as the adult teeth are pushing them on their way. You’ll have to expect that there will be sore gums where teeth are coming in. Luckily you can help them with some tips that I’ve included in the next section.

  • Too much chewing

These pups are gonna chew on things, in fact, everything they can get their mouths on!

Imagine that you are growing new teeth and the pain that comes with little teeth popping through your gums is going to drive you nuts- hence, little chewing machines in your home.

  • Finding blood spots on toys

Yech, what is that on Peppy’s favorite toy, Blood? Don’t sweat it, that’s totally normal for a teething puppy. As milk teeth fall out and new teeth come in, there will be a small amount of blood that might be seen on toys, furniture, or in their sleeping bed.

  • Small loose milk teeth

In the frenzy of munching everything in their path, the French Bulldog puppy will no doubt start to lose their milk teeth. There are 28 of them but you might only see half or that if you are lucky. They might even be spotted on the floor so you can save it as a keepsake.

  • Excessive puppy drooling 

Let’s face it, a drooling dog is downright nasty but seeing a puppy drooping might send a chill down your spine. Relax already, the drool is all part of the teething since this is a reaction to the teeth growing in and old teeth coming out.

If they still drool after 8 months after their adult teeth come in, take them to the vet.

It might be a health problem in that case.

If your Frenchie drools excessively, read this post to help you out.

Because of the differences in calcium levels that are being sent to their developing teeth, your French Bulldog will have that unmistakable floppy or even droop ears. In time the ears will return to stand up. The calcium level will return to make cartilage stronger in their ears as a result.

  • Short attention spans

Poor puppy is going to have a bad time at this stage, so be sure to keep them company as much as possible. Play with them, bond with them. Let your pet know they aren’t going to suffer alone. And you can enjoy all the more drool all over you too!

  • Running a mild fever

What do you know, the puppy is hotter than usual. Do you take them to the vet or not? Not to worry, since the teething will raise body temperature -and that is perfectly normal. Follow any of these tips and you’ll be fine. I know- I nearly took my Frenchie to the vet until a friend told me to relax.

  • Look for crooked teeth 

Nobody likes a dog with crooked teeth but it can easily happen if you don’t check the progress of how the milk teeth are coming out. As the milk teeth are pushed out, they might happen to stick and can cause adult teeth to grow wonky. Ask your vet for help if you see this happening.

Additional Signs

  • Hesitating to eat
  • Eating slowly
  • Whining

French Bulldog teething toys

French Bulldog teething toys

These puppies are going to need something that will keep them entertained and happy while they gnaw through your personal stuff as well.

SO keep in mind that these are the perfect toys you can buy online or down at the local pet supply.

I personally recommend these types (not brands) since they worked out best for me and I hope they’ll do the same trick for you as well.

Your puppy is going to have a big mouth so keep in mind that variety counts when it comes to multiple chomping toys.

  • Stuffingless Squeaky Toys
No Stuffing toy  - Teething toy for french bulldog

Your little French Bulldog isn’t just going to chew on a toy, they are going to try to destroy it!

Shaking it to death in their grip is gonna be their method of madness too. A nice floppy toy such as a Stuffingless Squeaky Toy is your best bet.

  • IQ Treat Ball
IQ Treat Ball - Teething toy for french bulldog

I’m one of those guys who thought of getting a hamster roaming ball and put one of those crazy spinning toys inside.

Then I was at the local pet shop and sew this item. What a great idea to reward my French Bulldog.
Even since then he still likes getting a treat from it!

However, if you just want to make a quick purchase, here’s the teething toy on Amazon 

  • The Kong Toy
Kong Toy- Teething toy for french bulldog

Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s not that kind of toy! Then again- your friends will give you that look when they first see it too. Your furry friend will love this toy and kept him busy all through the summer when he was teething.

I highly recommend this Kong Toy for your French Bulldog puppy, it’s one of my favorite of all time, You can check the deal from Amazon here.

Tips to stop a puppy chewing your stuff during the teething stage?

Tips to stop a puppy chewing your stuff

There is nothing that will keep them from doing what comes completely natural to them. They have to relieve the pain and discomfort for their baby teeth and adult teeth growing in.

With all that being said, how do you keep them from chewing on stuff that belongs to you?

It depends on how tidy you happen to be. I’m pretty laid back but I lost my favorite pair of high tops, Adidas trainers, and ultimately a Roomba, which were all victims from the Wrath of a Frenchie.
So what can you do to keep them focused on their toys instead? I can tell you what I ended up doing.

Don’t give them chewing snacks or rawhide 

There is a real danger with some kinds of chewing snacks. Stuff like rawhide can make them choke when it gets to that wet rag consistency (and even block their windpipe). Chewing sticks are a no-no too.

-Give them something to chew on 

Like I mentioned before, Frenchies have huge mouths and that can be a bit of a bummer to find out they chewed all the way around a dresser stand leg or your old-fashioned coat rack you got from that hipster’s joint down the street. Those toys I recommended, use them to your advantage.

-Puppy proof your home 

If you put a value on a personal item, keep it where your dog can’t get to it. I like my smartphone, so I don’t leave it where he can possibly get to it.

The same goes for anything they might decide to chew on when that teething period is in full throttle.

-Frozen carrots or ice to chew on 

Who doesn’t like a cool snack? I found out he really liked those giant carrots you find at the farmers market.

You know the kinds that your girlfriend is like- Whoa- seriously?..

It took him hours to gnaw through and keep his gums cooler. Try frozen ice with bits of shaved carrot thrown in too.

-Keep them exercised

Most people don’t know that French Bulldogs need constant exercise but for puppies, they are energy bombs through the whole teething process. Keep them busy- and you and your puppy will sleep soundly through the night. It really does work.

-Keep them entertained

If they have been neglected, your little puppy is going to look for something to do. And that is where the problems start. Remember that robot floor cleaner I mentioned, I only got sidetracked for 3 hours while being online and found that your Frenchie had gotten to that poor Roomba.

Can you clean or brush french bulldog teeth?

Sounds kinda weird huh, well it can be done. At that stage where puppies are going through that teething hell, I can tell you that introducing proper hygiene will keep potential mouth infections from happening.

Your local pet supply will no-doubt have dog-friendly toothpaste with flavors they will enjoy.

But for the teething clean up you might have better luck with a soft wash rag lightly soaked with warm water to help clean off any food that is left behind after eating.

Taking them to the vet if you spot something strange. This is the age where you can train them to let them look inside their mouth.

Lastly, take a deep breath, it’ll be OK

Follow these simple tips and suggestions for your new puppy and you’ll have no trouble at all getting through the teething trials for the next four months.

It goes a lot easy after reading this page, trust me. I wish I knew it before finding out the hard way. I hope it helps you in advance.