Unleashing the Zoomies: A French Bulldog’s Way of Burning Off Energy

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As a French bulldog owner, you may have seen your dog with a rounded back, spin in circles, or running erratically, and it looks like your dog has gone crazy. It must be challenging for you to see your fluffy dog ​​running aimlessly in the yard or house. 

But when you see a happy smile on your Frenchie’s face, it means that there is nothing wrong and that your dog is going through the zoomies phenomenon. According to most pet owners, zoomies are one of beloved and charming dog behavior. 

If you want to know what are the dog zoomies? Why does the French bulldog have zoomies? Then read this article to the end. 

What are dog zoomies? 

Zoomies is defined as a burst of energy or a FRAP (Frenzy Random Activity Period) that your dog just can’t handle. It’s like your dog has a lot of pent-up energy, and suddenly that energy explodes, and your Frenchie starts running randomly.

This frantic behavior can affect different breeds of dogs, and your French bulldog is no exception. 

Zoomies has been reported to be more common in young Frenchies. However, it is one of those canine behaviors that are independent of age, gender, and breed.

Zoomies are basically fun, and if you have more than one dog and one dog shows the FRAP and encourages another dog to join him until they both run wildly and madly and seem to have lost their senses. 

Zoomies is just a game or fun until a problem arises. Like when your French bulld falls to the floor. However, this behavior is not long term, and few modifications can make a difference.  

og runs around the dining room table, there is no problem doing this, and suddenly your favorite vase Why does my French bulldog run around crazy? 

Your French bulldog is running around crazy because of Zoomies.

There are many reasons why your French bulldog suffers from zoomies. Some of the common causes are: 

  • Zoomies occur more frequently in young dogs 

In the young French bulldog, Zoomies are very common, and there is no need to worry. Zoomies are a natural way for your dog to release his extra energy. At a young age, dogs will display this behavior during playtime and when taken out. However, this behavior decreases as your dog ages. 

  • Zoomies in senior dogs 

It has been seen that as the dog ages, the chances of FRAP are relatively less. As in young dogs, zoomies occurs on a daily basis anytime, anywhere, but for senior dogs, they are usually saving them for trips outside, generally in the morning or at night when you take them out for the potty breaks. 

  • Zoomies after bath 

Another reason why your dog is getting zoomies is a bath. When dogs are bathed and towel-dried, they will sprint around the house at full speed as they have gone crazy. Sometimes dogs can’t stop circling right after a bath. 

Most canine behaviorists believe that zoomies after bathing occurs in dogs because it is a quick way to get rid of nervous energy. Similarly, it is a way for dogs to show that their bath time is over. 

You can let your dogs run outside to release their nervousness and pent-up energy but do so at your own risk because if your dog finds a dirt path, he will immediately enter. You will have to bathe him again. 

  • Zoomies while playing  

You may have seen your French bulldog get excited while playing and often get zoomies. Exciting dogs have also been seen to start humping due to overstimulation. They also look happy with their tongues sticking out and start doing silly things that you love to watch.  

There are certain situations that can happen during playtime and lead to zoomies. As if you took your dog out on the first snow of the season, and your dog instantly got excited and got zoomies. 

Likewise, there are more chances that your dog will get zoomies on the beach. This could be due to the soft sand that will put your dog in FRAP mode. Dogs also get zoomies when they go to any park full of other pets. 

  • Zoomies due to aggressiveness 

Sometimes when your French bulldog gets too excited and gets zoomies, he will start to show other activities like biting and nipping. As with other behaviors, there is nothing to worry about; you just have to redirect your pup’s energy to something else. 

You can use toys to get your puppy involved in the games or put him in the tug of war for better control in such conditions. 

What does it mean when a dog gets the zoomies? 

When your French bulldog gets zoomies, it means there will be a sudden burst of energy. It is typical behavior in dogs, and they often release their energy in this way. There is no need to worry about such a problem as dogs of any age or breed will have it in their lives. 

Are Zoomies bad for dogs? 

Zoomies are not bad for dogs; it is a natural and safe behavior until your dog runs to a place where they get in trouble.

For example, when they enter the spiked part of the yard, or on a busy road, or when they come into contact with a dangerous object. 

Zoomies generally don’t cause any problems. However, some dogs that continually chase their tail are more often mistaken for zoomies. In reality, these dogs show symptoms of obsessive-compulsiveness. 

Are the dog zoomies dangerous? 

As we have discussed, dog zoomies is neither harmful nor dangerous.

But you need to be very careful if your dog shows more enthusiasm, as they are at the risk of injury.

As if your dog had stitches due to some injury, so it is best to avoid any stimuli that could trigger zoomies in your dog. Because with that, your dog can injure himself again. 

Similarly, when a dog gets zoomies and enters a warehouse, and collides with a cupboard that falls on him, it can injure him. In most cases, there is less chance that your dog will hit with another dog, but if you have a second dog that is older, ill, or injured.

It is difficult for him to move suddenly and protect him from his companion, zoomies. It’s best to escort them to any safe place when the zoomies start. 

Similarly, if you have a young child in the house, chances are high that a zoomies dog could knock your child down. However, this is not common, but the dog owner should be aware of this problem. 

How do I stop or calm down my dog from getting Zoomies? 

As you know, dog zoomies is normal behavior, and there is not much you can do other than help your dog relieve his excess energy in the garden rather than in the bedroom or around the coffee table.

But offering your dog more ways to dissipate his pent-up energy has been shown to help reduce episodes of zoomies and, in some cases, nearly stop the behavior. 

  • When your dogs get zoomies, it is difficult to stop them, and you have to wait until this action stops. However, there are some things you can do 
  • When your puppies get zoomies, you can try to get away from them so they will chase you to where they will remain safe. You can also use toys to make them move in any direction. 
  • You can also call your dog, but there is less chance that he will listen to you in such excitement. It is essential to train your dog to “come” and give him treats and rewards if he obeys you. 
  • It is unnecessary to chase the dog with zoomies because it will add more thrills to their excitement, and it will be difficult for your dog to calm down. 
  • Exercise your dog on a daily basis, as there is less chance that he will get zoomies in if he’s feeling tired. 
  • Keep your dog mentally stimulated because bored dogs are more prone to zoomies. Few training sessions every day can keep your pup’s mind active and prevent zoomies. 
  • Sometimes dogs get zoomies when they are already playing and get excited about anything. So it is better to learn the tricks to calm your dog. 
  • If your dog gets zoomies after a bath, don’t let him free after the bath. Instead, take him directly to any safe area or any room with the help of a leash and let him zoom there. 

When your puppy is getting zoomies, you can put light pressure on the shoulder blades and make them stop.

Your puppy will suddenly look at you, but don’t be afraid and keep the pressure on him, as he will slowly melt to the ground. Some very energetic dogs will refuse to drop to the ground. Don’t fight those dogs. 

Wrap up 

A Frenchie getting zoomies is neither mad nor he is in any danger. Until he trips over something or crashes into something like furniture or cars, otherwise zoomies are not harmful to him.

Zoomies are generally a natural behavior of dogs, but if you think you’re getting into trouble because of it, there are few things you can do. Increase training sessions, increase exercise time and train your dog to respond to your commands. 

You can also teach your dog that zoomies are only acceptable outdoors. If you know the nature of your dog, you can anticipate the dog zoomies and take them out into the yard whenever there is any sign.