How Much Exercise Does A French Bulldog Need a day?

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Do French bulldogs need much exercise?

While French Bulldogs certainly do not require a lot of exercises but they do need enough exercise to stay fit, healthy and happy.

Ideally, your French bulldog requires just the amount of exercise as humans need.

So, It is important to ensure that they exercise at least once a day.

This also can be a simple trip along the park or a quick circling of your nearby block.

Do not focus on how long your Frenchie exercise. Instead, make sure that they indulge in this exercise at least once a day.

One of the biggest benefits of having a French Bulldog is that you can enjoy these exercises with them, without spending a large part of your time.

Walking a french bulldog puppy

Whether it’s a short walk or a quick playtime in your home; either way, they get the right dose of exercise without getting overworked.

Playtime may or may not qualify as an exercise, depending on the degree of movements involved. If the playtime with your Frenchie pup involves them actively running, jumping or prancing around- it will surely qualify as exercise.

While exercising their Frenchies, many people wonder whether they are over-exercising them.

Well, just like every other dog, your French bulldog can be over-exercised. They are, however, at a higher risk as they belong to the brachycephalic breed.

Dogs of this breed have a flat face and short nose which makes it increasingly difficult to maintain their body temperature.

This is why they can be easily over-exercised.

The best way to check if they are exercising optimally is by observing whether they tire themselves out while exercising.

So, every time your French Bulldog is playing, check if they are comfortable.

Whether you just added these pups in your family or had them for several years, it is important to understand that they have a tendency of overworking.

When pups and adult French bulldogs over-exercise, they are at a higher risk of heart and joint ailments. So, as we mentioned, be observant during their playtime.

Under any situation, your goal should be to ensure that your Frenchie isn’t exhausted. Make sure they aren’t panting a bit too hard while exercising.

Interestingly, Frenchies are quite smart when it comes to taking care of themselves.

While they can become over excited at certain instances, they will immediately cool themselves as and when necessary.

If you’re living in hotter or temperate areas, we’d suggest you get a dog pool or a children’s pool so that your pup can get some cold-water right after they’re done exercising.

Can Frenchie Exercise In Hot Weather?

While many people do follow an outdoor exercising regime for their Frenchie, we suggest you avoid doing that in hot weather.

We are especially emphasizing this because, French Bulldogs, like most other dogs, aren’t as special in terms of climate issues.

Usually, every kind of dog experiences some difficulty while they’re out in the hot weather.


Because they don’t have sweat glands and their bodies are covered with fur.

So, if you’ve ever seen your pup panting in the heat because panting’ is your dog’s natural way of regulating temperature.

While the situation is quite bad for almost every dog, it is especially worse for your Frenchies.

Since they have smaller noses, French bulldogs cannot take in much air.

This creates an uncomfortable situation for them every time they are out amid the heat.

That why we recommend you to exercise your French bulldog in the comfort of your indoors.

If you do take him outside, make sure he is under ample shade.

Additionally, also carry some water for him.

In almost every case, you should restrict their outdoor walks during summers and make sure they complete their playtime indoors.

You should also monitor them while they are playing in order to ensure that they do not overheat themselves.

Perfect Type Of Exercise For French bulldogs

There are multiple exercises to meet your Frenchie’s interests while also getting them moving.

Since these dogs are both smart and incredibly social, try introducing exercises that meet both the criteria.

  • If you’re living in the city, take your pup for a quick walk and take them with you if you’re grabbing a cup of coffee around the corner.
  • If you live in the suburbs, take them to a park where they can play alone or meet fellow Frenchie buddies. Either way, make sure your pup gets at least 15-20 minutes of exercise every day.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you know why exercise is important for Frenchies and how exactly you can go about introducing this habit.

We are quite sure your pup is going to spend some great outdoor time with you.