The Essential Guide to French Bulldog puppy potty training

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There is a variety of reasons to love your dog because they are smart cute and loyal to you. Sometimes there is a hard time like when you are potty training your puppy. It seems hard because it takes a lot of patience and time to train your puppy.

French bulldogs are the cutest and cleanest of the canine family. When it comes to training your French bulldog puppy it will test your patience and commitment because they are a little stubborn but once they are trained on a routine they will stick to it for the rest of their life.

If you are the proud parent of Frenchie and looking for easy tips and tricks for potty training

Then this post is especially for you.

Let’s get started

Training Tips and Tricks

Being a dog owner you must learn how to potty train your puppy because some dog owner does mistakes in training their dogs. 

Training your French bulldog puppy is an art and you must learn it.

Here we will discuss some of the tips and tricks to potty train your dog.

Create and follow the schedule 

The first thing you do in the morning gets your puppy out for peeing. After a long night, it’s necessary to take your dog out when you both get up.

You can also set a routine to take your dog for peeing after playing for a long time. You should do this as the last thing while going to bed and after dinner.  

This routine will be engraved in your dog’s mind so they will expect this from your onset time daily. You can make a timetable and post it on the back of your door so that you will not forget your routine.

Take your French bulldog to the peeing area after every hour when he is young because they do not hold their urine for a longer time at a young age.

A regular feeding schedule plays an important role in potty training your puppy so keep the puppy on a regular feeding schedule and take away their food between meals. 

Always take your puppy to the same spot to do his business his scent will also prompt him to go. Stay with your puppy during this until he is potty trained.

Look out for signs 

When you start knowing your puppy you will start understanding their signs. It may take time to understand but ultimately you will learn that what are the actions and indications that your puppy has to do his business.

Some of the puppies show obvious warning signs are moving in the room in a circle, packing back and forth from the same room, your puppy will start whining at you, they will start barking loudly, they will start sniffing you and look directly into your eyes.

Train them on commands 

From day one, the most important thing to teach your dog is to ‘go toilet’ or ‘go outside’ or ‘go potty’. Your puppy will not understand at the start but ultimately he starts understanding this command.

Similarly, you can also use a command like ‘don’t do here’ when your puppy starts peeing in the wrong place.

The best trick to teach your puppy ‘go potty’ command is to take your puppy to the same spot you took him last time. This will facilitate his mastery of go potty command.

Reward your dog

Once your puppy has finished doing his business reward him with a treat. You can also praise your dog with petting and toys instead of always using a treat.

Tools you will need for potty training

You can properly train your puppy by using certain tools that will make the process easier. Some of the tools used for training are

  • Puppy training pads
  • Dog leash 
  • Puppy crate
  • Dog treats for rewards
  • Bell for potty training 
  • Dog Training Clicker 

Puppy training pads

You can use potty training pads to train your puppy. If you live in an apartment and you can’t take your puppy outside.

Take your French bulldog puppy to training pads whenever you think that it’s potty time. Take your puppy to pads after an hour or two if they eliminate them then it’s well and good if not take them back and try again after 15-20 minutes.

Leash training of french bulldog

You need a leash to take your puppy to the peeing area because in the start your puppy will run here and there sniff different areas and objects so a dog leash can help you to take your puppy to the right place.

Puppy crate

A puppy crate is one of the best tools to train your puppy. Puppy crate come in different sizes keep in mind that buy a crate of such size in which your puppy can stand and move easily.

Crate training can take days depending on your dog’s temperament. Always do crate training in small steps. 

Place the crate box in an area of ​​your home where the family spends a lot of time, such as the family room. Place a soft blanket or towel in the crate. Bring your dog to the crate box and talk to him in a happy tone. Ensure that the crate door is securely fixed, so it will not hit and scare the dog.

Encourage your puppy to go inside the crate if he hesitates don’t enter him forcefully. Give him small treats or put his favorite toys in the crate until your dog walks into the crate.

Start feeding your French bulldog puppy in the crate once your dog feels comfortable in the crate you can close the door. Keep your puppy in the crate for a short time at the start then gradually increase the length of time. 

Once your puppy stays in the crate for 30 minutes without you, you can begin leaving him in the crate for a longer period. If your puppy whines or cries in the crate then it means he wants to get out peeing. 

You can take your puppy out and take it to the peeing spot or you can use puppy pads in the crate when you are not around.

Training Methods for Frenchie Puppy

Paper training

Paper training is a highly effective and popular way to train French bulldog puppies. If paper training is done correctly, it teaches the puppy to eliminate smaller areas of paper until you can take him to the right spot.

Bell training 

It’s easy to train your dog to use a bell. Simply hang a bell on the door they used to go outside for toilet time. Ring the bell every time you open the door to take them out.

You can encourage your French bulldog to push that ring with their nose so you know that it’s time to go outside.

Clicker Training  

Clicker training or mark and reward training is a form of dog training. A clicker machine is simply a noisemaker. This technique is based on the science of animals which says that the behaviors which are rewarded are more likely to be repeated in the future.

The value of clicker reward is that it tells your French bulldog which behavior you are rewarding. So rather your dog guesses which moment you like the clicker will tell him they have done the correct thing or not.

What not to do during French bulldog potty training

Don’t do things that will scare the puppy and affect the potty training process. Here are some of the things that you should not do during the potty training process.

Don’t leave your puppy unattended this will seriously affect your puppy’s behavior and training process because your puppy is affiliated with you he understands your commands and behavior. If you are going on a long tour leave your puppy with a trained pet sitter.

Don’t misuse the potty training crate; never use your puppy crate to punish your dog because the crate is part of the training procedure if you will use it to punish your puppy then it will affect the potty training process.

Don’t train your puppy inconsistently, while training your puppy you make a schedule of feeding playing, and eliminating. Don’t skip that schedule.

French bulldog puppy potty training is a slow and steady process do not try too many things at one time. Your puppy will not learn anything if he is confused about too many options.

Never physically punish your French bulldog puppy. Don’t rub your puppy’s face in his waste this behavior will scare your puppy and discourage the potty training process. Your puppy will also show aggressiveness if you punish them physically. 

Don’t reward your puppy in the early stage of training, at least let him learn something then award him his favorite treats and toys.

How hard is it to potty train a French bulldog puppy?

French bulldog puppies are not the hardest to train they are not the easiest to train either. You will feel hard to train your puppy at some point of his training you get exhausted, it’s not the easy way to go through but keep following your routine.

How long can a French bulldog hold its pee?

By training your dog you will be able to learn what normal pee for your dog is and what is excessive. A young healthy adult French bulldog can hold its pee for 8-10 hours. A young French bulldog puppy can hold its pee for 2-3 hours. 

If your dog pee more often than that then it should be because of any medical issue either your dog is suffering from any kidney infection, liver disease or they are diabetic. If you found any of these signs you need to pay a visit to your vet.

How long does it take to potty train a French bulldog?

French bulldogs are not the fastest learner, they are not the slowest either. Some French bulldog puppies take up to 8 months to potty train. This can be frustrating for you but you have to keep your calm and stay persistent through the whole process.

How often do French bulldog poop?

When you bring a French bulldog home it may come into your mind that how many times it will you do then. Your Frenchie number of stools depends on several factors the first one is your dog’s age.

If you have a French bulldog puppy, he will pass frequent stools sometimes five a day, it depends on the diet of your puppy. If a puppy eats a lot it will have more stools.

The second factor is your dog’s activity level if your dog has a high activity level he likes to run around and burn calories then he must have a higher metabolism.

The last factor is the amount of fiber in your dog’s diet if your dog is having a diet that is rich in fiber then he will possibly pass more stools.

How do I get my French bulldog to poop outside?

You need to understand your dog’s mindset to potty train him. If you can understand the psychology of your dog then it will be far easier to take your French bulldog to poop outside.

For example, if your dog loves to outside in the open area then don’t bring them back immediately after they have done their business. Your dog can learn to hold their stool for a long time so they can spend some more outdoor time with you.

If you bring your dog inside early then in this case they will end up passing the stool inside your house which is a bad habit.

At some point when you are not home on potty times then it must be a good idea to put your French bulldog in a confined area, keep sure that area should be large enough so they can move in easily.

You can also put your dog in a crate and also in a blocked area where you want them to poop. The French bulldog is a clean breed they will not spoil the area where they spend their night.

If your French bulldog passes a load inside your house then you must clean that area take that poop in a bag and take it to the outside yard area where you want them to go next. 

Your dog nose will get used to the smell in that particular area and your dog will have the instinct to go to the bathroom at that place in the yard.

What age should a French bulldog be potty trained?

French bull bugs should be potty trained at any time in their life; it depends on you at what age you take your dog inside your home and started potty training.

For instance, if you have a French bulldog puppy you can start his potty training at the age between 8-12 weeks. If you start training at the early stages of their life then there are more chances of accidents happening because they have a smaller bladder at that time.

To start potty training at a proper age and with proper tools and be patient during the procedure.

If you have brought an adult French bull at your home start training from day one because for a senior dog there is no age limit to be potty trained. The good news is that senior dogs are easier to potty train than puppies especially if you use a crate.


Your French bulldog will bring you years of joy and friendship to everyone in your home. Of course, you need to pass the initial potty training period, and these tips and equipment will help you to speed up the process!

Frenchies are highly intelligent and they enjoy being clean. This means that they are less likely to get into an accident by just training them like other breeds.

If you and your Frenchie have a strong level of respect and confidence, this can go a long way, and the process will be faster and easier than you could imagine.

French bulldog potty training can be achieved by promoting good behavior, setting procedures and rewards that can reduce the number of accidents that will occur on your brand new rug.

By following these techniques and steps and knowing your puppy’s signs and psychology for when they have to go to the bathroom, you will be able to live a beautiful life with your pet.

Just be patient with your French bulldog and in no time at all, you will know how to potty train him and get the results you want.