French bulldog’s Weird Noises and their meanings.

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Is it normal for French bulldogs to make funny weird noise?

Most bulldogs are known for their strength and ferocity.

They can be vicious and pretty terrifying when interacting with a stranger.

With their savage look, you would not want to be caught on their wrong side. On the contrary, bulldogs can be really friendly, especially French bulldogs.

French bulldogs, often called Frenchies, have an impeccably splendid personality that makes them lovable.

Indeed these majestic creatures are friendly and play a lot, a trait common to most dogs.

French bulldogs have needs just like other dogs and as a result.

They always try and communicate with us.

One thing to note is, however, is that french bulldogs have a unique way of communicating with us.

This might be new especially if you’re a new owner as you might find some of the noises they make quite odd.

There is no need for panic since some of these sounds they make may be quite normal.

Why do French Bulldogs make weird noise?

As stated earlier, this breed of dogs do communicate with us majorly through the noise they make.

In fact, french bulldogs, as much as they are not notorious barkers, will not hesitate to let it be known that they require something.

Maybe they need food, water or a little exercise by walking in the park or maybe they might be experiencing some kind of ailment that needs attending to.

16 Noises French bulldogs make and their meanings.

In order to understand why your french bulldog might be making some weird noises, a comprehensive list of the noises they make and what they mean will help you understand these lovely creatures better. ( source )

1. Snoring.

Snoring is basically normal for your little French Bulldog whenever it falls asleep.

Some do it a little while others do it every time they sleep.

The only matter of concern should be if your French Bulldog’s snoring suddenly escalates to levels not like before. This might be an indicator of a sick dog or pup.

2. Snuffling.

For those who are not familiar with this, you may notice your dog breathing noisily and making repeated sneezing sounds as if it were smelling something.

This is perfectly normal as it may be sniffing out for dropped treats searching for toys or basically playing. If the snuffling gets heavy then it is a matter of concern that needs medical intervention.

3. Slurping.

French bulldogs just like other bulldogs have heavy and loose lips that often are watery and succulent.

It is therefore perfectly normal for them to make slurping noises even when they are not drinking as compared to other dogs.

4. Snorting.

Upon sniffing around a dusty area, especially after playtime, you may notice your french bulldog snorting a lot.

This is particularly of no major concern as it is not only a perfect way of reaction but also a healthy one.

If done in excess, then it might be an indication of weak nostril flaps.

5. Panting.

If you’re a dog owner then you have probably noticed your dog panting especially on a hot day. This is perfectly normal as it is a self-regulating mechanism for temperature.

Nevertheless, french bulldogs are not good at doing the latter hence when panting, you may be required to cool your pup a bit.

6. Reverse sneezing.

Reverse sneezing, also referred to as backward sneezing, is a mechanism most common in dogs.

It is a respiratory event that involves involuntary and rapid inhalations in your dog as if something got caught up in its nose and throat.

This may probably be due to excitement or basically allergens in the environment. Irritation of the sinus passages may also trigger this effect.

7. Barking.

Barking is the most common trend in dog speech. French bulldogs occasionally bark as a way of communicating.

One thing to note however is that whenever your dog suddenly barks repeatedly, then this might be an indication that something is wrong.

t may also be a sign of anxiety.

We’ve also written this article that will help you to stop your French bulldog from barking excessively, check it out.

8. Growling.

Growling is usually a sign of seeking attention or marking territory among most dogs.

For instance, if your french bulldog is growling near a toy or a food bowl, then this could be a guarding behavior or food aggression.

It should be addressed with immediate effect.

9. Farting.

You may not have ever had a dog fart before, but they usually do.

In fact, this is a normal phenomenon for most dogs, especially French bulldogs that have short muzzles that tend to gulp a lot of air while taking food or drinking water.

One way or another, this air has to come out hence perfectly normal for your dog to fart.

10. Gagging.

Broad and short-skulled dogs, scientifically referred to as brachycephalic breeds do gag a lot, especially when taking water or meals.

This is due to the air that goes in with drinks or food. It is normal for your dog to gag a little, but when it gets excessive gagging, better check a vet right away.

11. Crying.

Crying is usually a sign that your dog has been hurt or frightened. This means that you need to check your dog and find if there is anything physically wrong with it.

If you don’t find anything then you should probably consider checking the environment for anything that could have scared them.

12. Whimpering.

Whimpering is basically related to crying or yelping, hence a sign that you should look for anything in the environment that might have stressed them out or injured them.

13. Wailing.

The Frenchie wail is a perfectly normal means of your dog communicating to you.

As much as it may sound like a cry it is not.

Your dog might not even show any signs of distress while doing this.

It is probably a normal reaction to getting scolded or if they feel lonely and want some playtime.

14. Whining.

As relatable to humans, whining in french bulldogs is a sign of sadness, stress or loneliness.

It may come out as a series of wailing, indicating that your dog has been scolded or is experiencing too much heat and cold.

15. Baying.

Baying is usually a prolonged backing that is deep-throated.

It is often heard when a dog is challenging an intruder and mostly heard when a dog is in pursuit of prey. It is a common and relatable behavior of french bulldogs.

16. Howling.

Howling is usually mistaken for wailing especially in french bulldogs.

However, it is distinct in that it is a high pitched sound.

It is usually considered to be a way of communication between dog packs especially if they are trying to locate one another.


Most of the sounds that French bulldogs make are quite normal and no need for major concern.

As a matter of fact, they’re actually creative for using these noise owing to the fact that they are a talkative breed.

Nevertheless, you should not ignore all these noises as they may be a call of distress.