11 Essential Supplies your French Bulldog will love and the owner should have.

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Yippee! You just got a new French bulldog! Bringing home a pet can be an exciting experience for any family— but the French bulldog isn’t just any pet! It is one of the special breeds of canines around and pricy too! So you should know some of the “must-have” essentials for your pricy new pooch!

We’ve compiled a list of 11 items you should have on ground for your new baby and if you already own a Frenchie, these items will make caring for it easier and more enjoyable.

1. Organic and Natural Dog Snout Soother

A Frenchie’s nose like other brachycephalic breeds is highly sensitive and can be extremely painful when dry, cracked and sore. Like every considerate pet owner, you definitely hate to see your pet in pain or discomfort.

Natural Dog Snout soother to the rescue! Your Frenchie can finally bid farewell to dry, cracked, chapped and bleeding nose.

Natural Dog Snout soother to the rescue! Your Frenchie can finally bid farewell to dry, cracked, chapped and bleeding nose.

A rich blend of organic, vegan, healing and moisturizing ingredients, it can be applied to a dog’s nose to stop painful cracking and dryness.

It is also perfect as a preventative with its natural sunscreen elements. In no time, the treatment will have your canine’s nose revitalized, softened and soothed.

In no time, the treatment will have your canine’s nose revitalized, softened and soothed.

2. Moolecole Zip-Up Pet Hoodie Costume Dog Hooded Clothes Outfit

In cold months, Frenchies need and should get an extra layer of protection against the elements. Enters: Moolecole Zip-up Pet Hoodie! This adorable sweatshirt delivers a blend of function and style.

As a small short-haired dog and one not so great at regulating its temperature, your French bulldog should own at least one of these to keep warm in cold weather.

Available in different bright colors and sizes, they will make your baby look out of the ordinary.  Plus, it is not as heavy as some jackets or coats on the market. This is just perfect as your French bulldog can overheat in thick jackets on mild days.

3. Organic Dog Shampoo

Finally, a natural, pure, gentle and shampoo product that is perfect for French bulldogs! Made without artificial foaming agents, synthetic preservatives or dyes, it is safe, non-toxic and gentle.

Pro Pet Works 5 In 1 Oatmeal Pet Wash is ideal for pets with flea bite, grass and food allergies as well as dry, itchy, sensitive skin. The mix of organic ingredients nourishes and deodorizes while soothing dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

Some shampoos have been known to strip pets of their natural minerals and oils, but Pro Pet Works will not. Pro Pet Works shampoo is tough on the dirt, but gentle on pets.

Also, bathing your pet with Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Shampoo will save you money as it helps spread the time between visits to the groomer.

4.  Basics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

The Basics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates are easy to clean; you will be able to choose just the right size for your Frenchie.

The crate is foldable and comes with a carrying handle should you need to travel with the pet. The metal frame is sturdy and the latches hold it in place.

In fact, reviewers even say they are the best metal crates available.

5.  The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Pad

The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Pad is perfect for your French bulldog. The pad will help it cool on those days it overheats from long walks/runs or extremely hot weather.

We also write an article about how to prevent your Frenchie from overheating, and what are some signs A French bulldog Is Overheated? continue reading here

It is a self-cooling pet cushion that works without refrigeration, water, or electricity. No hassle of filling with water which means no soppy messes or leaks.

Also super portable, it is the perfect accessory to take along for that family road trip, or even the trip to the beach.

6.      Pogi’s Poop Bags

The fresh-scenting environmental friendly sack breaks down real fast so your Frenchie’s poop is less of a burden on the environment.

The varying sizes make it an excellent poop bag for dogs of all sizes and thick enough to make sure there are no messes around.


7. Scheppend Original Adidog Cloth For Dog,

If you love to dress up your Frenchie, then the Adidog Soft Cotton Cloth is a must have! The quality is great and the colors are just spot-on! Your Frenchies will love it! You will love it!

 8. Embark Adventure Dog Harness

Adjustable and highly durable, the Embark Adventure Dog Harness is perfect for you and your French Bulldog go exploring side by side.

Whether you are running, camping, walking or hiking, the Embark Adventure Dog Harness will help enhance your journey together.

9. Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible Winter Coat

This stylish jacket is perfect for your Frenchie as it is for larger breeds. It also comes in different colors and sizes. 


And even better, it is a great jacket for brachycephalic dogs that often find it hard to cope in extremely cold weather.
Plus, your French bulldog will look totally smashing it!

10. Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

Perfect for small pets under 25 pounds, the unique design of the Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler offers your Frenchie the support that it needs to stay in top form, while also cuddling it in the ultimate warmth of the faux lamb’s wool.


The attractive and durable exterior keeps dirt and odors away and it is very easy to wash and dry.

11. Dog Life Jacket for swimming

Frenchies are not exactly built for swimming.
The Frenchie’s body shape makes swimming difficult, which is why a life vest is essential for them.

This life jacket designed just for dogs; Ideal for rafting, kayaking, boating, surfing, paddle boarding and swimming, this thing will keep them safe and happy while being in the water.

All the above products you can easily buy from Amazon.com and please share with us which one your french bulldog loves most?

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