French Bulldog & Shedding: Here’s Exactly What To Expect

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In spite of their sullen countenance, French Bulldogs are naturally comical, amiable, and entertaining.

The Frenchie is as contented living in an apartment as he is on a farm. With the cute pug and chunky look, Frenchies will steal your heart− at first sight, just like they stole ours and other Frenchie owners.

Puppy Frenchies can be particularly playful and may sometimes amuse themselves chasing balls even though they tire easily. Champion couch potatoes alright; but they also enjoy walks with their owners.

There are plenty of positives to this breed and there is no denying it but there are also questions on the minds of many potential owners.
These may include questions like;

Do French bulldogs shed?

And if they do, exactly how much do they shed?

While most owners will cope just fine with pet hairs, this is a serious concern for others allergic to dog hairs or those who may not have the time and strength to clean off dog hairs constantly.

In this post, we will examine some causes of shedding in French Bulldogs, grooming requirements including tips and suggestions to halt or reduce excessive shedding.

Causes of Shedding In French Bulldogs.

If you already own a French bulldog, then you may be aware that they shed but not as bad as most other breeds.

Though this seems to worsen during hot summer months when owners have to clean out their homes and cars almost daily and leashes and harnesses seem to be sprinkled with the furs.

Causes of Shedding In French Bulldogs.

All dogs and even humans shed seasonally. This is perfectly normal and the French bulldog is no exception. It should also be stated here that the French Bulldogs have just one coat (topcoat) of fur unlike many other breeds of canines with two coats.

As a result and given that the topcoat isn’t so long, Frenchies may shed moderately compared to their longer-haired counterparts.

Another point to note is that seasonal natural shedding is distinct from excessive shedding. Seasonal shedding is normal but excessive isn’t and should be taken seriously as it may be a pointer to more serious conditions.

How can you tell normal/seasonal shedding from excessive shedding?

With excessive shedding, you may find that your pet is losing chunks of hair with bare patches of skin.
If this is the case with your pet, it can be due to many reasons and seeing your vet is important especially if you spot signs of skin irritation/redness, dull and dry hair, reddened sores, balding and constant scratching and/or licking.

What Could Cause Excessive Shedding In French Bulldogs?

 Fleas, lice and other parasites
 Fungal or bacterial infections
 Poor diet
 Thyroid or organ issues
 Hormonal Factors/pregnancy
 Excessive Medications/supplements
 Self-inflicted trauma; biting, scratching and licking
 Sunburn
 Skin irritation
 Allergens from shampoos and other topcoats products.
 Cancers

Your vet will be able to determine if the shedding is natural or caused by an underlying health issue. In some cases, however, excessive shedding could be caused by your pet’s reaction to a specific meal or even due to poor nutrition and may resolve once the offending meal is eliminated.

On the other hand, seasonal shedding is easily managed. And while it can’t be stopped, there are grooming tips that should help you minimize this.

Remedies for Shedding


Frequent or infrequent baths can cause excessive shedding; the key is striking a balance between the two.

A shampoo and water bath every fortnight are good enough to keep your Frenchie clean as long as it does not waltz into filth every time. Frenchies are naturally clean dogs by the way.

A weekly dry shampoo may also suffice to keep your puppy fresh and sharp. A muddied dog should, of course, get a bath right after.

Note also that bathing your French bulldog too frequently could dry out its natural body oils and irritate his skin, so do not give in to the temptation to bath the canine more than it actually needs.

For extra softness and sheen, you could even slather some hydrating butter after a shampoo bath.

Good Quality Food and Supplements

When raising Frenchies, a quality meal is crucial but this should be supplemented with other essential nutrients as supplements are the easiest way to make certain your canine gets the best nutrition.

However, despite its many benefits, self-medicating your puppies on these supplements may be harmful and could cause serious allergies. Supplements for your puppy should always be those recommended by your vet. DO NOT SELF-MEDICATE A FRENCHIE or any other pet.


Brushing your Frenchie’s topcoat with a fur brush is a great way to rid it of excess hair that could end up being littered as your Frenchie moves around. This should be carried out regularly especially for pet owners with dog hair allergies.

Also, be mindful of…….

Shampoos and other pet products

These can be sources of allergens too. Test out products on parts of your Frenchie’s topcoat for allergies before full use. Excessive fur shedding can sometimes be a result of using shampoos/conditioners that do not suit your dog’s fur.

If you’re looking for a natural formula for your Frenchie with allergies and also helps with Itchy and Irritated Skinthis shampoo is a big fan favorite!

Final Words

I hope that you learn more about French bulldog shedding,

French bulldogs are easy to groom and maintain since they don’t shed much.

But they still require regular brushing and bathing to keep them healthy.

so good luck with your frenchie.