Easy Grooming Tips for French Bulldogs and How often should I groom my Frenchie?

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How to Groom a French bulldog

Caring for the French bulldog is easy; for one, their coats are short and they are not heavy-shedders. A weekly/biweekly brush possibly will be all you need to keep your Frenchie’s fur shiny, healthy and also prevent chunks of hair on the floor.

Like other breeds, Frenchies have unique grooming needs when it comes to their hygiene. Thankfully, one of their cherished characteristics is their natural inclination to stay clean.

What do we mean by this?

Well, Frenchies are not exactly the kind of dogs that may take delight in making messes of their bodies. They are top on a list of easily-groomed dogs and keeping them clean will take just a fraction of your time and effort. If this isn’t the case with your bulldog, it may be pointers to how well it was brought up.

Grooming Tips for French Bulldogs

Grooming is pretty easy and doesn’t require too much maintenance.

When grooming your Frenchie, look out for scabs, flaking skins, bruises, spots and bare skin.

They are usually signs of an infection caused by bacteria. Ear cleaning, tooth brushing and nail cleaning are necessary for your optimum hygiene; their ears need to be cleaned regularly with warm damp cloth.

Do not stick a cotton swab in the dog’s ear canal. If his ears are dry, a dab of mild natural oil rubbed into the edges will help soothe and heal the skin. This remedy can be used for dry nose as well.

The nails need to be trimmed short and maintained regularly which helps keep them from tearing and splitting. This is basically dependent on how fast the nails grow.

However, clipping them once every four to eight weeks may be enough.

Also, check their anal canal, coat and skin frequently, to make sure they are in a healthy condition.
Wipe creases in the dog’s skin with fresh wipes to remain dry and help to prevent infection.

When bathing your canine, be thorough but gentle as you dry the skin between each fold. A mild shampoo can also be used so the dog is scrupulously clean and also retain its natural oils.

NOTE that Frenchies Have Supersensitive Eyes (the curse of the bulgy eyes!)

And they have lots of folds and wrinkles around their eyes and nose area, these wrinkles are often moist making them excellent breeding grounds for yeast and may even cause your Frenchie to give off an offensive smell.

It is therefore especially necessary to keep the area as clean as possible. You can do this by drying with an unscented wipe/facial cleansrs. There are varieties available in pet stores but make sure whichever you pick is gentle enough for your Frenchie.

Brushing your pet’s teeth several times a week is essential as Frenchies may develop ripe halitosis if neglected. Regular brushing also keeps teeth and gums healthy and strong and helps to prevent tooth loss as they grow older.

Use only toothpaste for dogs/pets, because most human toothpaste contains fluoride, which can be harmful to dogs.

Commonly though, the French bulldog requires minimal grooming and it is a task anyone should be able to undertake. If you feel uneasy doing it, you can always take the stocky canine to a professional groomer.

How Often Should a French bulldog Be Bathed?

There are no particular rules on how frequently a French bulldog should get his wash, just suggestions.
Some suggest bathing the Frenchie just once in a month and some others opine that bathing Frenchies once a month or once every two months is just as good.

Many recommend bathing as needed; you may decide it is bathing time when they get stinky or when their furs get matted. For a full bath, a mild dog shampoo should work but make sure you rinse off thoroughly.

If you observe your Frenchie be allergic to regular shampoos, you should use a hypo-allergenic shampoo that you can get in a pet store or even better, have your vet recommend one.

Tools for Grooming Frenchies

Frenchies benefit from regular grooming like any other breeds. However, the right materials can make the grooming faster and easier for both you and your pet.

Below is a checklist of some important grooming tools.

-Brushes and Combs

After a thorough bath with a good shampoo, the right combs and brushes can make all the difference in your pet’s grooming routine. Be sure to have the required brushes and combs for your Frenchie’s grooming.

We do recommend to use this fantastic brush , just one use with a little effort, you will experience up to 95% Less Shedding.

-Trimmers and Clippers

You’ve bathed and brushed; now it’s time to shape what’s left. Good nail clippers are essential in grooming your French bulldog’s nails. Your Frenchie may wear out it nails, but it also needs a little extra help to make sure its paws are healthy and looking good.

Remember, you can always take your canine to a professional groomer if you do not feel comfortable getting it done yourself. Your groomer can also help you learn how to care for your pet on your own.

This Dog Nail Clipper-Trimmer is RECOMMENDED BY PROFESSIONALS.

-Shampoos and Conditioners

Find a gentle shampoo that is gentle, safe, smells good, and leaves the fur with a nice sheen. A good conditioner should have your French bulldog’s coats smooth, soft and dander free, and should also be good enough for use in winter.

-Grooming Table

It is possible to groom your Frenchie without one, but most pet owners will find that once they’ve groomed on a proper table, there’s no going back to substitutes. A good grooming table should be non-slip, and you should be able to reach your dog from all angles. The prices are often reasonable, and a decent one can last for a pet’s lifetime, so it’s a good investment.

If you want to feel like being a professional groomer ( at home), you can go for this one. This is a sturdy, waterproof and portable table with the non-slip surface to keep your pet safe while you work.

-Unscented Wipes

Unscented wipes can be used in several ways for your Frenchie – wiping off flakes, getting loose hair and dander off of coats, wiping muddied paws, wiping the anal canal and that notorious last attempt at maintenance before you show off your cute pooch to acquaintances. There are several fancy ones made just for pets, but anything gentle enough for a baby’s bum is likely to do be good for your Frenchie’s skin and coat.


This isn’t just for humans, it is useful for Frenchies as they are prone to skin fold irritations. Just like diaper rash, skinfold irritations are usually caused by moisture trapped in crumbles of the skin. After cleaning out with a shampoo, rub in the folds of your canine’s face and body and as a bonus, you get a polished and sharp looking dog. Keep this at home or carry in your Frenchie’s bag for the day out

Any others you feel should be on the list? .