Can You Spot The Differences between French Bulldogs vs. Boston Terriers ?

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The Differences between French Bulldogs vs. Boston Terriers

Currently one of the most popular dog breeds, the French bulldog is the toast of many celebrities, dog breeders and canine admirers all over. Their characteristic warm personalities, compact body and squishy face are a major reason they have gained the love and acceptance of families everywhere. Plus, they make wonderful friends for small children!

There is however another dog out there with similar looks and the untrained eye may sometimes miss the difference between the two breeds − the Boston terrier aka the “Frenchton”

The Similarities and Differences

Both breeds share remarkable similarities; same squishy face, compact bodies and perky ears. This similarity should come as no surprise as the Boston terriers is a cross breed of the White English Terriers and the English bulldogs though French Bulldogs were subsequently introduced in the mix.

If like most people you find it difficult telling these two breeds apart, you’re not alone. It takes only the experienced/trained eyes to tell both apart.

The Similarities

In this easy to read guide, we will compare their features and how you can tell the Frenchie from the Boston with ease. But first, we’ll highlight a few similarities.

 Small tails
 Pointy/ ‘bat’ ears
 Short coats
 Short snouts
 Large eyes
 Awesome temperaments

Bonus: both will steal your heart!

The Differences

Life Expectancy:

On average, the French bulldog lives between 10-12 years compared to the Boston whose average lifespan can go between 11 to 15 years.

It is however worth remembering that a lot of factors can determine a dog’s life span and they range from the overall health of your dog (this is why getting your pup from a reputable breeder matter), diet, lifestyle and a whole lot of other factors help determine your dog’s longevity.


For most breeders, training a Boston takes lesser time and is easier than training a Frenchie because of its ability to listen and obey.

This in no way makes it a difficult to raise; it just means less effort is required with the Bostons for new owners. Some dog-owners are misinformed and sometimes take this the wrong way, belittling the French bulldog’s intelligence.

For the Frenchie struggling with certain behavioral traits and commands, enlisting positive motivation techniques can be beneficial and such can successfully learn new commands and tricks.

Movement Style :

When compared with French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers tend to be the more nimble of the two with a more balanced rhythmic gait. French Bulldogs, on the other hand, are more unrestrained and free with their walking style.

Shape and Build:

French bulldogs are known to be shorter, more compact and heavy-set than the Boston terrier which is a much taller and longer legged breed.
So if you ever get lucky enough to spot both together; the taller longer legged of the two may be the Boston Terriers while the shorter and stockier are more likely to be Frenchies.

Also, they both possess the trademark pug appearance though, the ears of the French bulldog appear more erect while the Boston’s are smaller and more closely fitting to the profile of their head.

The Boston’s terrier hips are more in proportion with their bodies while the hips and rear end of the Frenchie tends to be narrow and sloped.


French bulldogs are generally a few inches shorter than the Boston Terrier despite nearly similar weights. Boston terriers also appear slimmer and taller than their Frenchies and are slimmer in appearance.

French bulldog male weight: Males weigh 20 to 28 pounds, females 16 to 24 pounds.
Boston terrier male weight: 15-25lb

French bulldog male & female height: Generally between 11 to 12 inches tall ( 28-30cm )
Boston terrier male height: 17 in, female 16 in.


French Bulldogs

Boston Terriers


Male : 20 to 28 pounds

Female : 16 to 24  pounds

Male : 15-25 pounds

Female : 10-20 pounds


Male & Female : 11 to 12 inches tall ( 28-30 cm ) Male: 17 in.

Female: 16 in.


French Bulldogs are high maintenance from birth and therefore more expensive and they go for $2000 and above per pup. Bostons starts at about $800 and above,

Understandably, the price of the French Bulldog may be the decider for those yet to make up their minds on which to buy between these two similar breeds. On the other hand, there are others who may still decide to get one undermining the cost.

However, be wary of those asking for an unbelievable amount for their breed as they may just be out to extort people. Likewise, beware of breeders with bargain pups; these may not be safe or well-bred for purchase.

Here is, Why are French bulldogs so expensive?


Boston Terriers usually have dual-colored furs, with white and black being the commonest variant.
French Bulldogs, on the other hand, can be seen in a much wider range of color but they are usually the same color all over or sometimes just small patches of a second color with white, sandy and brindle being the common colors.

Many Frenchie breeders believe that the blue coat color is linked to a form of dog alopecia (blue dog hair loss). This is unproven but this hasn’t deterred them from doing away with the color and breeders all over have promptly avoided it.

Find out more about the Most popular colors of the French Bulldog here

Like the Frenchies, Bostons have short, smooth, easy to groom coats. Also, the French Bulldogs skin is looser with creases in several places just like the English bulldog, the Boston Terrier’s skin on the other hand skin is firmer and smooth.


Just like French bulldogs, Boston terriers can sometimes appear stubborn but both are fun, sociable and super clever. Their genial personalities make them popular among dog lovers everywhere.

As with everything else, each dog is an individual that may have its own distinct traits, temperaments and preferences. Nevertheless, the breeds as a whole share some traits that could also be used to highlight the differences between them.

If you’re in the market for a quiet, playful dog that likes to snuggle up on sofas and doesn’t need long sessions of vigorous exercises, the French bulldog is the canine for you.

The Boston terrier (Frenchton) on the other hand is livelier and more inclined to running about and taking long walks.

Both breeds are however playful, entertaining and enjoy plenty of interactions with family.


Tip Sheet:

If you ever find yourself cooing over a charming little, pudgy canine and do not want to seem like a novice by asking, you can attempt guessing the dog breed by remembering the major five differences below.

*  If the dog has long erect ears, it probably is a Frenchie.
*  Loose wrinkled skin is most likely a French bulldog while taut skin is possibly a Boston terrier
* Narrow hips may point to a Frenchie.
* Tall, leggy dogs are likely to be Boston terriers while shorter heavier dogs are often French bulldogs.


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