Do you have to clean French bulldogs wrinkles?

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Is it just me, or every time you also see a french bulldog, you must drop to the ground and squeal? No doubt about it, we all love the gremlin looking face in French Bulldogs. In fact, we can all agree that those outrageously cute wrinkles are what make your Frenchie look so adorable.

However, you must understand that those mushy wrinkles will need extra skincare if at all you don’t want to walk around with your pup stinking.

Neglecting to clean the wrinkles could potentially result in some very nasty skin conditions and infections.

Hence, you must clean between the folds to avoid making them a cave for bacteria. That said, in this article, we will look at some of the essential information you need to know about cleaning your French Bulldog wrinkles.  

Why do Frenchie’s Wrinkles need to Be Clean?

Not just French bulldogs. But basically, all dog breeds that have folds on their skin, there are prone to having specific skin conditions.

Besides these folds being dark and moist, they provide a conducive breeding ground for bacteria.

That said, if you maintain the cleanliness of your French bulldog wrinkles, you will protect her eyes from debris and bacteria.

That will help to prevent nasty skin issues and infections that result from bacteria growth. Besides cleaning, your pups face, make sure you remove all the moisture using a dry towel after every wash.

Cleaning your French Bulldog wrinkles will not be enough if you don’t dry all the moisture. Leaving the wrinkles moist could also cause infections. Also, if the skin is left too dry, it could potentially irritate it. Hence, apply some moisturizer between the folds after cleaning your pooch.

Are Wrinkle Issues Deadly for French Bulldogs?

If you are wondering if the wrinkle issues in French Bulldogs are deadly, the answer is no! However, this is not to mean that they aren’t a dangerous thing. Wrinkle infections will give your adorable pooch a hard time.

Besides being stinky, they are painful and so annoying. You don’t want your little best friend to go through that! With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can clean your French Bulldog’s wrinkles.

How to Clean My French Bulldog Wrinkles?

When you set out to clean the folds in your French Bulldog, there are certain problem areas you should focus on. So, let’s get to it.

  1. Ensure You Have Everything You Need

If you are trying to go with a quick daily care routine, then you will need hypo-allergenic dog grooming wipes. You can also consider using a soft cloth dipped in warm water, and that should do.

However, if your pup has more grime than usual and will need a deep clean, then you will need at least dog shampoo or just regular soap. That will help you to thoroughly clean in between the folds. However, be careful with the shampoo you use.

Make sure the shampoo is gentle and doesn’t contain all those harsh germicidal properties. Instead of experimenting with different brands, its better if you ask your vet for recommendations on that.

  • Do a Deep Clean on Those Wrinkles

When cleaning your French Bulldog, make sure you go deep and clean. Spread the wrinkles apart and wash them in every bit. Also, as you clean, make sure you inspect for any infections. Clean the inside of the wrinkles carefully.

More importantly, clean up everything in there as any sort of mucky-build up on the folds will only create a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria. In case your dog has infections, you also need to clean the infected area thoroughly. You could even consider clipping down the hair around the infected area to give you better access.

  • Dry Up the Wrinkles

If your dog is the heavily-wrinkled type, then you already know that dry wrinkles are necessarily healthy. What do I mean? If you want your dog to remain healthy and free of any infections, make sure you don’t leave any moisture behind those folds.

Leaving the wrinkles moist, is a dead giveaway that your dog will contract some infections. Therefore, use a dry towel to remove any excess moisture. So, you need to know that cleaning alone is not enough if you still leave the skin wet.

  • Moisturize the Skin

Now that your dog’s skin and wrinkles are sparkling clean, its time to moisturize with some cream. Once you’ve completely dried up all the water, apply some French bulldog ointment or wax to the folds.

That’s because leaving the skin too dry may cause irritation and rashes, which may worsen the condition of your infections. However, make sure the ointment you use is mild, or aloe vera based as the dog’s skin around that area tends to be very sensitive.

  • Reward Your Furry Friend

Fact is; not every day your dog will be in the right mood for grooming. Especially if your dog is not used to getting wet, they may be uncomfortable with the entire process. But there’s no need to worry as I’ve got you covered on that.

You can consider using treats as rewards when they take the entire process without misbehaving. A little bribery will work in order train her to let you clean her folds and wrinkles hassle-free.

Besides that, you can also consider verbal appraisal or even gentle stroking. Such rewards will help her realize that grooming is good for her, and she will be more cooperative the next time.

How to Prevent Foul-Smelling, Irritated Infections

The fact that your Bulldog’s skin doesn’t get much exposure to air due to the wrinkles, they may end up gaining a foul smell. That’s mostly a result of excess moisture on the folds. These spots provide an ideal space for the growth of yeast and bacteria.

That said, the secret to preventing those foul-smelling irritated infections is permanently keeping them clean and dry. Also, remember to eliminate the tear stains on the wrinkles around the eyes.

You may use pet wipes for this procedure. However, you can also mix peroxide with vinegar and water to create an excellent cleaning solution. With this solution, you will be able to keep away any yeast infections from your pup’s wrinkles.

How Many Times a Day Should You Clean French Bulldog Wrinkles

Most times when your French Bulldog has wrinkle infection, you may need to take a trip to your local vet. But cleaning the wrinkles daily may help improve the situation. That said, when is the best time to clean your dog’s wrinkles? Read on to find out;

  • At least once a day especially after meals
  • After every other meal, you can go in with wipes
  • Or any additional time of the day when you are available

In short, when it comes to cleaning the wrinkles in French bulldogs, you shouldn’t let days pass. That’s because she will be pre-exposed to infections, which will not only cause pain but may potentially end up stinking.

That said, if you are wondering which are the best products to clean the wrinkles in your French Bulldog, then read the section below carefully.

What can I use to clean my French Bulldog’s wrinkles?

The mistake that most French bulldog owners do is use the same soap they use to clean their body on their pooch.

When cleaning your dog, make sure you use dog shampoo.

For instance, Oatmeal based shampoo for your dog contains aloe vera, jojoba, shea butter and rosemary.

Jojoba oil has anti-microbial properties as well as iodine, which help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

The ph. of your dog’s skin is so much different from your skin.

That means when you use your body shampoo to clean your dog, then there’s a chance you may end up irritating her skin.

While the human skin is more on the acidic side with acidity levels between 5.2 and 6.2, the dog’s skin has an alkalinity level of 7.

Other products that you can use to clean your French Bulldog include:

  • Wrinkle wipes: These wipes should help keep the wrinkles and folds in your Bulldog clean.

  • Wrinkle cream: On the other hand, the wrinkle cream helps to protect your dog’s skin from friction, dryness, humidity and debris.
  • Moisturizer for minor Irritations: If your dog is dealing with minor irritations then, a mild moisturizer such as Vaseline will come in handy. It will help with the redness between the wrinkle folds while providing the much-needed moisture.

In Summary

Now there you have! That is everything you need to maintain clean and healthy wrinkles in your French Bulldog. The good thing is that everything we’ve mentioned you can do in the comfort of your home.

However, if your dog has an infection that doesn’t seem to go away even after all the home remedies, then its high time you visit the vet. The veterinarian will be able to offer a solution to sooth the pain in just a few days. It may even include oral antibiotics and medicated ointments.

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