The good and the bad of adopting a shelter French bulldog?

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Should You Get a French Bulldog Shelter Dog? 

Recently, It’s become evident that the number of dogs taken into shelters has been on a rapid increase.  

According to a report made by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), about a 3.3million dogs enter animal shelters every year. 

 As a result, many shelters are being euthanized to avoid overcrowding and deal with a lack of funds.  

While this is a huge concern, if you love a French Bulldog and you’re contemplating whether or not you should get a French Bulldog shelter dog, something you should know is that rescuing a Frenchie from a shelter carries both intrinsic and extrinsic value.  

As you’re saving the life of a Frenchie, an action that is good in itself, the dog will also shower you with lots of love and a lifetime of friendship, companionship, and loyalty.  

So, should you get a French Bulldog Shelter Dog?  

Yes! But It would be best if you understood the several reasons to adopt and many more reasons not to, as this understanding would inform whatever conclusion you arrive at before making your decision.  

This article gives a rundown of the subject matter while exploring why and not to adopt a French Bulldog. Let’s dive in! 

Why Should You Adopt A French Bulldog Shelter Dog? 

Are you thinking of adopting a French Bulldog from a shelter? The following are some of the reasons why you should: 

1.You’ll Be Saving a Life 

As mentioned earlier, the percentage of dogs that are taken into shelters is whooping, and as a solution, many shelter dogs are constantly euthanized.  

There are growing issues like lack of funding and overcrowding for some shelters with a no-killing policy.  

So, if you adopt from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder or any random pet store, you’ll be saving a dog’s life from being euthanized, and you’d also be improving the life of this dog.  

2.Pre-Trained Dogs 

Just like other dog breeds in the Shelter, French bulldogs are left in the shelters for reasons that are far beyond their control.  

The former owner might be late or face personal challenges; the landlord might disallow pets, maintenance costs might be high, moving to a new city, and so on.  

Regardless of the circumstances that bring a dog to the Shelter, the fact remains that most shelter dogs are house-trained. 

So, if you’re a prospective dog parent but don’t have time or interest in training the dog, adoption from the Shelter is a viable option that saves you the stress of training.  

All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the dog, and it’ll respond in a short period. 

3.Varieties of Options 

Getting a French bulldog from a shelter gives you access to varieties of options which includes colour, size, health, and temperament, to mention a few.  

You don’t just get a random dog; you get one that’ll fit your demand, appeal, and ultimately, your lifestyle. This variety and the flexibility to choose is streamlined with breeders or pet stores.  

You can only choose from what they present to you, and that’s an advantage of getting from the Shelter. 

4.Alternative to Breeding 

There has been a growing concern for unethical breeding practices where some people avoid necessary information regarding the welfare, genetic compatibility, adequate medical care, and safe housing before breeding dogs.  

While there are responsible breeders, the fact remains that every time a breeder brings in new puppies, this action eliminates the chances of survival for dogs in the Shelter.  

As a result, adopting a Frenchie from the Shelter can be an excellent alternative to breeding. 

Apart from the fact that, raising a Frenchie from the first day comes with considerable commitment.  

You’ll undoubtedly commit time, efforts and resources towards the dog’s growth and welfare, and not all people can give that.  

So, getting one from a shelter can save you from all of these without reducing the quality of the furry friend you end up with.

5.Fighting All Stereotypes 

The truth is that every dog breed has its unique issues. But what makes a happy dog owner is knowing these issues and taking actionable steps to avoid or manage them.  

As you’d know, there are so many stereotypes surrounding the possession, whether by adoption or direct purchase, of French bulldogs. 

That is why they are mostly abandoned in the Shelter.  

However, most of these stereotypes are largely unfounded. As a result, you can help fight these stereotypes by adopting one from the Shelter.  

Then, all you need to do is to get the necessary information about French Bulldogs, and you’d have no problems throughout the dog’s lifespan. 

Reasons You Shouldn’t Adopt A French Bulldog Shelter Dog. 

As rewarding as adopting a French Bulldog from the Shelter is and a great thing to do, there are reasons why this decision might not be ideal for you or your family, and it’s crucial to identify that before making a decision. The following are some of the reasons you shouldn’t adopt a French Bulldog Shelter Dog: 

1. Health Issues 

A fact relevant to most Frenchies is that they are predisposed to several health problems. While some dog breeds also have this issue, it’s primarily common with French bulldogs.  

However, one of the ways to keep track of these issues and take actionable steps to improve the dog’s overall health is to have medical records, which unfortunately aren’t available for shelter dogs. 

So, you don’t know their age, specific health issues, allergies, and so on. This can be entirely confusing for you. And it is why you should reach out for expert advice before adoption.  

Your vet will tell you what to do, especially regarding pet insurance, provided you want to adopt one from the Shelter. Some questions you can ask the insurance company include: 

  • Shelter dogs insurance coverage eligibility requirements 
  • Age limitation, a piece of information that you can’t access. 
  • Policies that cover all hereditary conditions, amongst others. 

2. Behavioral Issues 

Most dogs enter into the pound with so much emotional baggage, which essentially affects their behavior. Some of them had abusive owners, and this has hurt them. As a reaction, some are overly anxious while others are aggressive.  

What you want is a lovely Frenchie that’d be a lifelong friend and companion. But can you deal with these issues?  

Do you have the resources to accommodate it?  

Do you have kids, and are they old enough to understand the dynamics surrounding trauma and how to relate with the dog on that parameter?  

All of these suggest a significant level of commitment, so you should ponder each question before adopting a French Bulldog shelter dog. 

3. Shelter Restrictions 

Rules and regulations guide the adoption processes from dog shelters.  

These rules are necessary to confirm if the dog’s new home is good enough and if the owner knows what they are getting into.  

In addition, this allows the shelter management to avoid the same issues that brought the dog into the Shelter in the first place. 

For those who want to adopt, you might experience so many back and forth, and you might face delays and denial before getting the dog you wish to get from the Shelter. 

 These restrictions can be tiring as the shelter management conducts home visits and has a lot of paperwork. But if you can deal with it, it’s essential to know what to expect before adopting from a dog shelter. 

4. Difficulty in Training 

Most Frenchies you get in a pound are usually stuck in former owners’ ways, and adapting to a new lifestyle can be very difficult.  

It can be challenging to train your Frenchie new tricks or integrate them into new lifestyles.  

This can become frustrating for you if you’re not patient. So, if you’re adopting, you should also prepare for dealing with whatever you end up with.  

Although this rarely happens, dogs are fast learners, and Frenchies are no exception. But, a dog not adapting to a new lifestyle is a possibility you can’t disregard. 

5. Loyalty 

 Loyalty is a trait common to dogs.  
Dogs would be at the top of the list of most loyal pets in my opinion 
A loving and patient owner is what every dog wants no matter how they were raised..

While this is also true for French bulldogs, there’s a mixed opinion on their loyalty and commitment to their owners.  

Most people think they are slutty and can ditch their new owners anytime.  

However, the experiences of a few can’t tell the story of a whole. Regardless, it would help if you prepared your mind for any eventualities as far as adopting a shelter dog is concerned. 

Bottom Line 

While getting a French bulldog shelter dog is a beautiful thing to do,  

it is vital to put everything mentioned above into consideration before deciding whether to adopt or not.  

If you do that, the chances are high you’d have a great dog in your home.  

The responsibility is a big challenge, and you have to be sure you can face it.