French Bulldogs: The Perfect Apartment Companion?

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Whenever there’s the urge to get an apartment-living dog, many people are usually confused about what breed would be most suitable for an apartment-living lifestyle.  

They typically have varieties of questions lingering in mind.  

For those that adore French bulldogs, they often ask,  

“can French Bulldogs Live in an apartment?”  

Or “are French Bulldogs a good apartment dog breed?”  

“Would a Frenchie fit in nicely in an apartment in a busy city?”  

and so on. 

If you fit in this category, your questions are valid, and your concerns are realistic.  

However, one thing that’s clear is that you’ll rarely go wrong with a Frenchie for whatever reason you have to become a dog parent.  

They are a kind, compassionate, and easy-going dog breed. That’s why there’s a growing number of French bulldog owners today.  
But with all these,

Can French Bulldogs Live in an Apartment?  

The answer is Yes!  

French Bulldogs are an excellent apartment dog breed. With their body features, calm temperament, great adaptability, less barking, and little need for space and exercise, 

French Bulldogs are undeniably one of the perfect apartment dogs you’ll ever have.  

So whether you’re an intending dog parent, or you already own a Frenchie but want to change your apartment, you have little or nothing to worry about this breed. 

This article gives a detailed guide to the things that make a Frenchie a good apartment breed, and things to consider when apartment training your dog to fit your lifestyle. 

What Makes French Bulldogs Perfect for An Apartment 

French bulldogs are historically bred as lap dogs amongst ancient Chinese royals and elites.  

The implication of which is they follow you anywhere and everywhere you go within an apartment.  

While this doesn’t paint the whole picture, below are some of the things that makes French bulldogs perfect for an apartment: 

* The Dog’s Size 

I believe this is one of the most noticeable traits about French Bulldogs. They aren’t one of the giant dog breeds out there. Instead, they are one of the smallest. But this unique size gives them a lot of advantages, like being perfect for an apartment.  

Additionally, French bulldogs weigh less compared to other breeds. Their average weight is around 15-20pounds.  

So, as much as you don’t worry about space when you get one, you also can’t worry about noise from their movements. 

 What’s better? 

 If yours is crate trained, all you need to do is find its safe zone and place it there. 

* They Have Short Coats 

The only difficulty in having a dog in an apartment is their hair that gets all over the apartment. 

 While this is true for French bulldogs, they are better than other apartment dog breeds because of their relatively shorter coats.  

The implication is that their hairs are easy to groom and easier to clear. Fortunately, you have little to clean back inside once you make it a chore to brush your dog on trips outside. 

There’s a consensus that most (not all) black Frenchies shed fewer hairs compared to fawn Frenchies.  

That’s because the former has a single coat, while the latter has double coats. So, as the undercoat grows, there’d be more hair shedding. But this shedding doesn’t compare to other apartment dogs. 

* Their Level of Activity 

Getting a dog whose energy level is constantly on a high can be detrimental in an apartment. You need one with low energy and requires a small amount of exercise.  

Frenchies fit perfectly in this category.  

They are a calm breed that spends 10 to 14 hours of the day sleeping.  

When they aren’t sleeping, they don’t do too much due to their energy level, and they require and enjoy short walks.  

* They love indoors 

Keeping French bulldogs indoor has proven to be one of the most effective ways to save them from exposure to several diseases.  

Unfortunately, due to their nasal structure, they commonly have breathing issues and are easily allergic. So, instead of going outside, most Frenchies would rather cuddle on the couch or play with toys inside.  

However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t sociable. It’s just a matter of what’s preferable for the dog in resonance with its biology. 

* They’re well-behaved 

While most dog owners have to train their dogs to be well mannered, you necessarily don’t have to as a Frenchie owner.  

Frenchies are quiet and don’t bark a lot – an essential trait in an apartment dog breed.

If they bark, it’ll only mean they have something to say or show. In addition to this, they don’t show hostility to visitors, and they get along quite well with other pets.  

* Frenchies Are Mostly Allowed 

Most houses have dog restrictions, mainly concerning how wild they are and their weight. 

 In addition, dog breeds like Rottweilers, Pitbulls, Dobermans, Terriers, to mention a few, are mostly restricted.  

But you’ll never find a French bulldog on this list. So, if your apartment owner accepts dogs, be rest assured you can have your Frenchie with you always. 

Things to Consider Training your frenchie for Apartment Living.

As for adaptive as French bulldogs are, they also require little help to fit in nicely. That is where you come in to train the dog to fit your lifestyle. The following are some actionable steps to take: 

Devote Time to Training 

Good training is an effective way to strengthen the bond with your dog and make it an excellent in-house pet.  

For example, obedience to commands such as “come, stay, and eat” is possible when your Frenchie is trained to listen. So it would help if you devoted time to this and other training.  

Set Appropriate Boundaries 

From the explanation above, you’d have noticed French bulldogs are pretty clingy.  

But there should be a limit to everything, and it would help if you never allowed them to sleep on your bed. You have to set the right boundary for them to know they should constantly sleep in their bed, not yours.  

Give Them Reassurance During Loud Noises 

For those who live in an urban and busy city, the noises from traffic, sirens, and other noise pollution can scare your French bulldog, especially during national celebrations when there are loud fireworks or parties around the neighborhood. 

 It then becomes your duty to reassure your dog the noises are harmless and help them stay calm and happy in this kind of situation.  

You can also make them a safe zone they’ll run to for solace instead of pace around, which might hurt them if startled from these sounds. 

Maintain a Good Hygiene 

You can’t deal with a dirty Frenchie. More so, you don’t want to make your visitors inconvenient whenever they visit your apartment.  

Additionally, being in an enclosed space could make the smell more undesirable. So, you have to maintain good hygiene with your dog by constantly washing and bathing it.  

This way, visitors can also play with your dog while it shows them warm affection, which adds to the ambiance around your home. 

Be Available for Playtime 

Sometimes, we get too busy to consider how much attention our dogs want.  

There are indeed other priorities in our lives, but your Frenchie is more than a property, but a friend and companion.  

So, it would help if you made time for bonding. And a perfect way to bond better is during playtime. So, during your strolls, you can spend more time at the park to play, and you can also give it treats for being a lovable dog.  

What’s more, some toy gadgets can also fill this role whether you’re home or away.  

So as much as this doesn’t compare to your contribution, it also adds up considerably in giving your Frenchie the best time. 

Here is an article about Tips & Rules when playing with your French bulldog 

Puppy Proof your Apartment  

Further, to make all actions effective, you also have to puppy-proof your apartment. The following suggestions are actionable steps to take: 

Buy Toys – Toys keep your Frenchie busy while you’re away. Unfortunately, Frenchies tend to be mischievous. As funny as this is, it is true.  

However, once they have the necessary distraction, you can rest assured they won’t destroy valuables. 

Conceal your food – All dogs are opportunists when it comes to feeding. Please don’t make any assumptions your dog won’t scurry around for what to eat even when it’s fed.  

To conceal your food and keep it out of reach. 

Keep Harmful Materials Away – While you’re out, it’s better to confine your dog to a space.  

This way, you have less cleaning to do and nothing to worry about.  

But if you can’t do that, you have to keep all harmful materials out of reach. Your dog is your responsibility, so you have to keep it safe at all times.  

In Conclusion 

As you already know, a Frenchie is an ideal choice for apartment life.  

You have to channel considerable efforts towards making it adjust to your lifestyle.  

Leveraging on their adaptive tendency can make this easier than you can ever imagine. And with all these, you can give your life a joyful life while you also feel the fulfillment of a dog parent.