Do French Bulldogs Lose Their Blue Eyes?

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French Bulldogs have some of the most adorable eyes in the world of dogs. There are some French Bulldog puppies with amazing blue eyes. 

 If you have a puppy with this striking blue and you are wondering if your Frenchie would lose its blue eyes, 

 the answer is, Yes! Your French would lose those dazzling blue eyes as they grow.  

Many people are attracted to this cute breed of dog because of its physical appearance and its gorgeous glittering eyes.  

So if you are an admirer of French Bulldog puppies because of those large cute blue eyes, here are some of the things you should know.  

What Color Are The French Bulldog Eyes?  

Most dog lovers fall in love with certain breeds of dogs because of certain unique physical features such breeds possess.  

For instance, many dog lovers fall in love with the German Shepherd because of its fur.

Some people love the bulkiness of the South African Boerboel, the physique of the Doberman, the muscularity of the American Pit, among others.  

The eye color of the French Bulldog might also influence your decision on getting this breed of dog.

When you set your gaze upon the piercing eyes of a French Bulldog pup, you cannot help but fall in love with this breed.  

Brown and black eyes are the most common type of eyes among Frenchies.  

There are also French Bulldogs with green or grayish eyes; however, you might also come across French Bulldogs with dazzling blue eyes.  

The blue eyes are one of the stunning looks which attract many dog lovers to the French Bulldog even though there are many misconceptions about the nature of the blue pigment present in the eyes of the French Bulldog.   

If you are an owner or an admirer of this breed, you might be wondering how the French Bulldog got its blue eyes.

In this article, there would be an in-depth discussion on the eyes of your French Bulldog puppy.  

Are French Bulldogs Born With Blue Eyes? 

At birth, the eyes of a Frenchie can either be black or blue.

Therefore, you should not mistake the fact that your puppy has blue eyes as a sign of an eye defect.  

The blue eyes of your Frenchie’s puppy are natural as it is a result of the genetic formation of your pup.  

Your French Bulldog might have blue eyes depending on the recessive gene it carries.

This genetic development can also result in your Frenchie having one eye color as brown while the other will be blue.  

This has nothing to do with an eye infection, and you should not, as a result of this genetic formation, discard your puppy. 

If your Frenchie has a historical background of blue eyes, there is no course to fret when your puppy also inherits such genes from either of the parents.  

How Long Do Frenchies’ Eyes Stay Blue? 

If you have got a French bulldog because of your affection for the dazzling blue eyes,  

blue eyes french bulldog

I am sorry to break it to you that the blue eyes of your pup might not stay blue forever. 

 Once a Frenchie is around ten weeks old, the color of its eye begins to change. The changes, depending on your dog, might take different phases.  

At first, you would notice the dark blue eyes fading away into shades of blue and then into dim grey, finally into the regular brown eyes.  

Although, under a special light, you might still notice the blue color of the eyes, although it is not as dominant as when it was between 1 week and nine weeks old.  

It is common among Frenchies to change their blue eyes as they age to complete brown. However, this might not be the case with the blue fawn French Bulldog.  

The blue fawn French Bulldog is a rare breed of Frenchie with a mixed genetic setup. This accounts for its unique coat color and its eyes color.  

Unlike the common French Bulldog breeds, the blue fawn Frenchie keeps its blue eyes color even in adulthood.  

Most times, when you notice an adult Frenchie with blue eyes, it does not mean such a dog is suffering from an infection. 

 It might simply mean that such French Bulldog is one of the rare breeds of the blue fawn French Bulldog.     

How To Get French Bulldog With Blue Eyes  

If you intend to get a Frenchie with blue eyes and you are not interested in getting an adult Frenchie, you might need to get in touch with your vet.  

A vet will help you trace the puppy’s bloodline to know whether the mother or father has a history of blue eyes.  

The reason for this is because you cannot be sure that the eyes’ color will not change after your puppy is ten weeks old.  

Another reason you need an expert to assist you when getting a Frenchie with a blue eye is that the blue coloration in the eyes might result from an eye defect.  

You do not want to get a French Bulldog with an eye defect that might hamper the health of your puppy.  

Hence, it would be best if you had the assistance of an expert veterinary doctor. Your vet will help you carry out the necessary checks and medical examinations.  

It is advisable that if you are not sure of the bloodline of a blue-eyed French Bulldog, you should avoid such blue-eyed Frenchie.  

It is best that you take the necessary precaution whenever you intend to get a blue-eyed Frenchie.  

You should know that the blue-eyed Frenchie might also be at risk of various health conditions, which you should also consider when getting your Blue-eyes Frenchie. 

Health Issues of Blue-Eyed French Bulldogs

Frenchies with blue eyes are quite adorable because of their dazzling blue eyes. However, it is quite hard to believe that their beauty is also their major flaw.  

Blue-eyed French Bulldogs are believed to be at risk of several health complications, and this is due to the genetic formation of this breed of Frenchie.  

Here are some of the health conditions which your blue-eyed Frenchie might develop; 

1. Eye Problems  

A blue-eyed Frenchie is more prone to having severe eye problems at certain stages in its life, and if not properly managed, it might lead to blindness.

This dent in the beauty of the blue-eyed Frenchie is due to the presence of the Merle gene, which is recessive in the blue-eyed French Bulldog.  

Some of the eyes related problems that are common with the blue eyes Frenchie includes;  

  • Juvenile cataracts: This eye problem is common among French Bulldog puppies.

Once your puppy is affected by the juvenile cataract, the eye’s lens will be affected, and the vision will be defective.

A juvenile cataract is hereditary, and this is why it is vital that you know the history of the prospective blue-eye Frenchie you intend to get.   

  • Entropion: This is another common eye-related problem that affects the eyelids of dogs, especially the blue-eyed Frenchies.

The infection will irritate the eyes of the puppy and might ultimately lead to blindness if not properly managed.  

  • Cherry eye: This usually occurs due to swelling on the third eyelid of a dog.

This infection is common among blue-eyed Frenchies. This eye problem can be cured by surgery.

Once you notice any reddish sign around the region of your dog’s eyelid, it is best you get this to your vet’s attention. 

Other eye problems common among French Bulldogs with blue eyes include glaucoma, nuclear sclerosis, and anterior uveitis. 

2. Deafness  

Frenchies with blue eyes are known to suffer hearing loss at certain stages in their life; this is due to the lack of melanocytes, the melanin responsible for producing the cells in the ear region.  

When you get a blue-eyed Frenchies puppy, you need to carry out a test on it before six weeks old. The purpose of this test is to detect if your puppy is impaired in its hearing. 

 If your puppy has lost her hearing and has become completely deaf, you will need the help of an expert to teach you how to communicate with your deaf puppy.  

It is also advisable that you get a dog tag for deaf dogs as this will be handy in social gatherings. 

These are the two common health problems that French Bulldogs with the unique blue eye might suffer from as they develop.  

However, in a situation where your French Bulldog has brown or black eyes and starts developing blue eyes, you need to have an urgent appointment with your vet.  

Sudden blue eyes development in your French Bulldog that initially has brown eyes might be a signal of an infection in your dog.  

To inform your choice of either buying the standard French Bulldog or going for the blue-eyed Frenchie, you need to know certain differences between them.  

Difference Between The Blue Eyes The Brown Or Black Eye French Bulldog 

Blue-eyed French Bulldogs are easily exposed to various infections and diseases when compared to their black and brown eyes counterparts. 

Frenchies with brown eyes are healthier and physically sound; they are more agile and active.  

French bulldogs with brown eyes are more smart, alert, and cheerful, while blue-eyed Frenchies might lack these qualities.  

Final thoughts 

Finally, a Frenchie with blue eyes might lose its blue eyes if neither of its parents has the blue eyes gene.

So if your French Bulldog has blue eyes, it will be best if you take adequate care of it, do not skip your appointment with your vet.