Are French Bulldogs prone to ear infections?

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Every dog breed has different temperaments, attitudes, and medical concerns.

Before getting a new dog it is crucial that you research the dog you want and understand how their breed affects the way that they act and live.

 Since each dog breed is designed differently with a different body structure they are all at risk for developing some conditions that other dogs may not. 

For example, French bulldogs are more likely to develop ear infections than other dog breeds. 

Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to help diagnose and prevent future French bulldog ear infections.

French Bulldogs prone to ear infections

Are French Bulldogs prone to ear infections?

French bulldogs are more than other dog breeds to develop ear infections. 

Since bulldogs and French bulldogs have a flatter head, they tend to have smaller ear canals as well. 

The head shape of all dogs directly affects their ear canal shape and size. 

Most dogs have large ear canals that allow themselves to clean their own ears naturally. 

Since French bulldogs have a smaller and more narrow ear canal they do not have this self-regulating feature. 

The ear canal of a bulldog often remains wet and warm, which creates an optimal environment for bacteria to grow in. 

This bacteria and buildup can often cause an ear infection. 

Cause of ear infections in French bulldogs

Ear infections in French bulldogs are caused by the bacteria and yeast that builds up in their ear canals. 

While these are typically the two most common reasons, they could also be caused by ear mites. 

Some factors may make your French bulldog more prone to getting ear infections than other bulldogs. 

Some things like allergies, moisture, an ear injury, too much cleaning of the ear and ear canal, endocrine disorders, autoimmune disorders, and extra wax in the ear canal can increase your dog’s risk of developing an ear infection.

 If you want to know how to best help your dog prevent getting an ear infection it is always best to speak with your veterinarian.

How do you know if your dog has an ear infection?

How do you know if your dog has an ear infection?

The only way to be sure that your dog has an ear infection is to visit your veterinarian. 

Visiting the veterinarian as quickly as you can help your dog feel less pain and can prevent the spread of the infection. 

But there are some signs that you can spot if your french bulldog has ever had ear infections.

Here is the list

  • Your dog shake their head
  • Scratch a lot at their ear
  • Their ears may also start to have a dark brown or yellow-colored discharge
  • Having a bad odor in the ear
  • Redness Swelling Crusts or scabs on inside of the outer ear
  • Hearing loss
  • Walking in circles

If you notice that your dog is itchy or in pain around the ear you should visit your veterinarian to get treatment.

Types of Ear Infections

There are three main types of ear infections – Which affecting a different area of the dog ear.

These are common conditions in dogs especially those with floppy ears.

Let’s get into it.

1. The Otitis externa.

The first type and most common type of ear infection is the otitis externa. 

This type affects the cells that are present on the outer section of the ear canal.

2. The otitis media

This affects the middle part of the ear canal.

This type is often the result of an outer part that was not treated quickly enough.

3. The otitis internal

The third type is the otitis internal, which affects the internal part of the ear canal.

It is the most severe and can be the most difficult to treat.

If this type is left untreated it can have severe complications for your dog, including deafness.

Getting help at the early stage is the best way to prevent the spread of the infection and to keep your dog healthy.

French bulldog ear infection treatment is common and easy to receive by simply visiting your local veterinarian. 

How do you treat an ear infection in a French bulldog at home?

It is difficult to treat an ear infection in a French bulldog at home, you need to see the vegetarian for the right diagnosis.

French bulldog ear infections treatment should be treated as quickly as possible to prevent the spread of infection to the entire ear canal.

Once you take your dog to the veterinarian and they determine that it is an ear infection causing the symptoms they will likely use a medicated cleanser to deeply clean the infected area.

They will typically use a cotton swab and the cleaner to wipe out the bacteria or yeast that has caused the infection.

Most of the time, a single cleaning will not completely treat the ear infection so the vet may give you a prescription the cleaner to take home.

You can use the cleaner and possibly a moisturizer to clean your French bulldog’s ear multiple times a day.

Dog Ear Cleaner wipe for Dog ear infection

How long do ear infections last in French Bulldogs?

If you follow the exact directions of your veterinarian you can likely treat the ear infection within 2 weeks or less.

If the ear infection was more severe, middle or inner, the treatment could take a month or so to work. 

While ear infections are able to be treated in French bulldogs.

The prevention is more crucial to help your dog stay away from any ear disease.

Many French bulldogs develop chronic ear infections that can cause a great deal of discomfort and itchiness throughout their lives.

How to prevent French bulldog ear infections?

In order to help prevent ear infections in your French bulldog, you need to limit the amount of moisture that gets into their ear canal.

Moisture is typically the main way that the bacteria and yeast are able to grow inside of the ear canal, so reducing moisture is one of the best preventative measures.

To limit moisture you should always thoroughly dry off your dog’s ears after they get wet. 

Another way to help prevent ear infections in your French bulldog is to look for any allergies that they may have.

Since allergies can increase the risk of developing an ear infection, you should take note of the things that your dog does before they develop an ear infection.

This may be difficult to do, but keeping a journal of what your dog eats and does every day, may help you determine if your dog has an ear infection.

To prevent ear infections in your French bulldog it is also important that you frequently clean your dog’s ears at home.

Cleaning their ears with a cleaning solution and cleaning pads can help prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Keeping your dog’s ears clean and moisture free is the best way to help prevent future ear infections.

If you need help finding a good cleaner you can always ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.