8 Natural Ingredients to Soothe Your Frenchie’s Dry & Cracked Nose

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Natural ingredients to Heal your dog’s dry nose

A French bulldog is a one-of-a-kind doggo that can be recognized by his large disposition and massive bat ears.

There is no doubt that a Frenchie is one of the cutest small doggo species out there. 

If you’re a newbie that still don’t know how to differentiate between a Frenchie and another dog species, here are some of the things to know about Frenchie:

  • They rarely bark, but do bark loud
  • People often use Frenchies as watchdogs.
  • Frenchies don’t require a lot of outdoor exercises.
  • They get along with many animal species without any issues.
  • They have a large squared head
  • Their face has wrinkles just above their short button-like nose.
  • Frenchies have an adaptable smart temperament.
  • They are less than a feet tall. 
  • They weigh no more than 12 kg.

Though Frenchie is thought to be a very healthy breed, a lot of the French bulldogs actually suffer from a physical issue where their nose dries up, and sometimes even seem crusty or cracked. 

Why Frenchie’s Nose Dries Up

There are a lot of reasons why your Frenchie’s nose might be drying up, but the 4 most common factors are: 

Weather: You might have noticed that you will sometimes get a runny nose when the weather changes immediately. Similar is the case with your French bulldog. Dogs have extremely sensitive noses, and can be affected by high levels of cold or heat. 

Dehydration/Diet: Dehydration is a leading factor behind your doggo getting his nose dried up. Be sure to give your doggo lots of freshwater to drink.

Also, keep a not on his diet. Some foods might be uncomfortable/bad for your Frenchie. If that is the case, contact your vet and get him checked up.

Allergies: Everyone has allergies. If your doggo is suddenly suffering from a dried-up nose after a walk in the park, maybe he is allergic to something.

Or your household item is triggering his allergy senses. Get your doggo to your vet to have another check if you’re unsure.

Medical Conditions: if your dog is suffering from a medical condition like an illness or an allergy, his nose might become dry or itchy.

If you see your dog constantly itching his nose or maybe even licking it aggressively, get him check-up immediately. Your dog deserves the best medical attention.

8 Natural Ingredients to Soothe Your Frenchie’s Dry & Cracked Nose

If you’re worried that the products available on the market may cause more harm to your dog than good, we have listed some of the most efficient ingredients you can find in nature that will help you get rid of your dog’s dry nose:

1. Cupuacu butter

Cupuacu butter is a very common ingredient in moisturizers and creams and has rich benefits for the skin of both humans and dogs.

It has been proved that Cupuacu butter provides healing for dry, and damaged skin, so you don’t have to buy excessive products to take care of your damaged skin.

You can use this butter directly on your Frenchie’s nose for the best healing results.

2. Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is also a very popular ingredient in a lot of skincare products and boasts to claim anti-aging effects and benefits. But do not buy those skincare products for your dog.

They might contain other elements that might be harmful to your little pup. Instead, go to the departmental store and get a natural organic Vitamin E oil bottle.

Apply a little oil to the nose and don’t let the dog lick it too much. It might have adverse effects.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the most popular oil in many parts of the world. You can find coconut oil in almost every household. If you’re looking to restore your dog’s moisture friendly nose, and help him breathe properly, you can directly apply this oil onto his nose. 

This superfood is also edible and help your body increase its skin elasticity too. You can find more details of Coconut Oils on this dogs life

4. Shea Butter

I guess, you must have used Shea Butter before to soften up your skin.

You can apply healthy amounts on your dog and see the same effects too! Don’t apply too much and you can also apply shea butter to the little pup’s paws and elbows as well.

5. Olive Oil

There are many ways to use olive oil onto your Frenchie. You can mix it up in your dog’s meal in healthy quantities and wait for him to gobble it up.

But if your doggo has a sensitive nose and is very picky about his food, you can directly apply Olive Oil onto his nose.

Do keep it to a very small quantity though, and be sure to check that your Frenchie doesn’t inhale too much olive oil instantly. It might clog up his nose. 

6. Castor Oil

Castor oil is used in many skin related treatments and has been linked to providing healthier and younger skin.

Its derived from vegetables, so it should be relatively safe to use too.

Just apply a little to your dog’s nose, no more than a small tablespoon and let it dry.

You’ll begin seeing results in a day or two.

7. Cocoa Seed Butter

Cocoa Seed butter is one of the rarer items in your household. You may not have one in your home, but you can buy it from the store.

The cocoa seed butter does not contain chocolate. And this seed is in no way toxic to your dog. The cocoa seed butter is a rather nice ingredient that softens up dry, cracked and sunburnt skin. 

8. Almond Oil

Almond Oil is used in many skincare products for humans. If it works on a human, why can’t it work on a dog?

Almond Oil contains a lot of very good vitamins and minerals that give the Dog’s skin the necessary willpower to fight irritated and dry skin. 

You should apply this oil directly onto Frenchie’s nose for best result.

Those are the best natural ingredients to soothe your dog’s nose with worry-free of toxic, each of these has its own unique healing properties. Try one of them then you will be amazed with the result.

So What is your most favorite ingredient?

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