Are French Bulldogs Tails Docked?

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One of the amazing things about French Bulldogs is their tails.

Their tails are very short in length. Some people think that these Frenchies do not have a tail at all.

Some questions that appear in mind about French Bulldogs are whether their tails are docked or not.

Is it a normal thing for a Frenchie to have a long tail as compared to other dogs?

If you are interested in adopting a French Bulldog, then you must find out the answer to these questions.

Know about French Bulldog Tail

Are French Bulldogs Born With Tails Or Are They Docked?

The most frequently asked question is whether French Bulldogs have a long tail which is later docked off for some cosmetic purpose. This is an absolutely horrific thing to happen to any dog.

We are pleased to announce this is not something that can be said for this breed of dogs.

Yes, French Bulldog tail is not cut off or docked off.

They do not have a long tail, but they instead have a small and stumpy tail.

French Bulldogs have a tail, but they tend to be short ones. There are three different types of tails these French Bulldogs have:

  1. Stumpy and straight down the tail
  2. Stumpy and screwed tail (which is not curly)
  3. Tail with a fine tip and a thick root.

 Do French Bulldogs Have Tail Pockets?

Not all French Bulldogs have a tail pocket, many of them are without them.

English and French Bulldogs most commonly have a tail pocket.

To find out whether your Frenchie has a tail pocket or not all you have to do is touch the base of their tale and feel if there is any space that you can feel, which is not clearly visible.

The tail is present above and below the anus of your Frenchie.

At the same time, if your French Bulldog does not have a tail pocket, you will feel on the base of the tail.

Gay tails are tails that do not have a tail pocket. Gay tails are specifically those tails that do not lay flat but stick out straight.

No Tail Pocket?

Keep a check for the tail pocket of your French Bulldog every once in a while.

Your dog may not have a tail pocket within the first 6 months, but it may have one with time when they start to become healthy, and their bones grow up thicker and wider.

On the other hand, some bulldogs do not have a tail pocket until they reach their mature age.

French Bulldog Tail Problems

If you have Frenchie all you have to be concerned about is the health problem which is common with their tails and tail pockets.

Right under the tail of the Frenchie, there is a tail pocket which is just like a facial wrinkle.

Just because of this, it is difficult for the owner to clean up their pockets just like other parts of their bodies. If you do not check it, often this pocket can get an infection.

The French bulldog tails are prone to have genetic problems and sunburns.

This is the case with dogs who have whitetails. Like many people, dogs also like to spend time outside, which results in sunburns if staying outside for a long time.

Screw tail Frenchies often get a genetic problem known as the hemivertebrae.

Hemi-vertebrae is a condition that can cause serious problems in Frenchies like walking problems, incontinence, and limb paralysis, which is visible at a much older age.

French Bulldog Tail Pocket Infection Symptoms

 Following are the symptoms of an infected tail pocket:

You might see your Frenchie scratching and scoot to the end more frequently.

The cause of the infections is dirt, droppings and the bacteria that are left out and not cleansed from the tail pocket.

French Bulldog Tail Pocket Infection Treatment

The infected area which is surrounded by fur should be clipped. Since the fur is the root cause of the infections in French Bulldogs. 

  • Your first action should be to get rid of it, so it may not cause further infections. At the same time, it will also be advantageous in the treatment of infections.

  • Wash the infected area with an antiseptic soap and dry it thoroughly.

  • Be careful if the wound is open. Gently press a napkin to take out the puss and absorb it with the help of the gauze. This process should be carried out if the wound is open and the pus is drained.

  • Take a warm and damp cloth and apply it over the infected area. Blood antibodies and white blood cells are drawn out by the warmth that is beneficial for treating the infection. The washcloth should be applied to the skin of the dog for 5 minutes on and off by the time your cloth cools off. 

  • Continue to repeat this process for 2-5 days until you can see the wound heal. The formed scabs can also be softened and removed with the help of this. It also helps in the reduction and formation of abscesses.

  • If the tail infection of your bulldog is bad and needs serious attention, then you should consult a vet as soon as possible.

How To Deal Bulldog Tail Infection Faster?

In case you want the infection of your Frenchies to heal faster, all you need to do is apply Skin Soother or Organic wax Balm to the infected area.

Organic wax Balm is actually a balm that is formulated to soothe and relieve several skin-related infections. this natural dog ointments made with natural organic ingredients that are 100% safe to use.
Even so, if your pup does lick it off, it will cause them no harm.

Skinfold dermatitis, yeast, bacterial infections, red chaffed and inflamed the skin, crusty build-ups, foul odors, hair loss, baldness, scabbing, pimples, and sores can all be treated and prevented with the help of Wrinkle Balm.

It is a balm that is gentle to be applied to dogs’ skin and at the same, it can be used on their tails as well.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Frenchie owner, then you must look into these things. There are certain misunderstandings related to the French bulldog tail.

As an owner of a Frenchie, you should be aware of the above-stated facts. So in case, you face any inconvenience related to the tail and tail pockets of your French Bulldogs then you know what you should do to solve the problem.

We have put in our best effort to compile information regarding French bulldogs.

We also hope that the facts and information in this article help you in many ways that you could help your French Bulldogs. At the same time, this article should have answered all the questions that were confusing you.