Reasons behind French Bulldog’s Floppy Ears

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One of the most attractive pieces of the French bulldog’s body is their ears – positioned like a bat or bunny’s ears. Yet, the captivating thing about the French Bulldogs ears is that they all don’t appear to be identical; while some may seem floppy, others might stand up.

And there are reasons behind it… Keep reading.

Do you own a newly born French bulldog? If so, then you might be a bit worried about the floppy ears of your dog and you may have a number of concerns about the floppy ears in your dog.

There is no need to be worried about this.

This article will help you get answers to all your concerns regarding your French bulldog ear problems.

French bulldog Ear Problems

There are different Bulldog ear problems that generally appear in Frenchie.

You can see their ears starting folding, curling in the backward direction and also falling forward. These are some normal ear problems that usually appear.

There is a reason for these problems.

This can happen when French bulldogs are teething.
During the teething period, you can observe their ears standing upward, and the next day they are downward or floppy.

French bulldogs sometimes pay a cost for their charming ears.

The most widespread kind of issue is this breed is prone to ear infections.

Thus, it’s essential to clean their ears week by week to maintain a distance from the ear problems.

Apart from floppy ears, French Bulldogs can also experience following Bulldog ear problems:

  • Ears may have a yeast smell.
  • Red and swollen ears.
  • Ear scratching.
  • Yellowish fluid discharge from the ear.

Ear contaminations in French Bulldogs can also be due to allergies in food, surroundings or not cleaning the ears.

French bulldog Ear Never Went Up- Should I Be Worried?

If you have a French bulldog and his ears have not stood up, there is no need to be worried about this. Not every French bulldog has stood up ears at an early age. Every Frenchie follows his timetable and with the time ears will stand up properly.

The key isn’t to worry! In many French Bulldogs, their ears will stand up without any assistance from you, else by 15 weeks at the most recent or 6-7 months at most lately.

The primary concern is; when your French bulldog has completed the process of getting teeth, in most French Bulldogs, their ears will stand up freely in the bat ear pointed shape that the breed is known for.

In case your French bulldog has passed the one year age and still has floppy ears then there is not much you can do about it. Whether or not your dog has stood up ears don’t stop loving him.

Does All French Bulldog’s Ear Stand Up?

Well, this is the case in most of the French bulldogs, except some different cases here and there. The majority of the French Bulldogs get raise-up ears irrespective of the age.

In the majority of the French bulldogs, they have stood up ears maximum at the age of 2 months.

There have been some know the experiences of owners who said their French bulldog ears will not stand up until the age of 6-7 months.

The chance of floppy ear in French bulldog is 10 %. In some cases, French bulldog’s ears will fully erect after 1 year of age. So be patient!

What Age Does French bulldog Ear Stand Up?

Let’s face it, one of the most charming highlights of French Bulldogs is their delightful bat ears!

A typical dread and worry for the new French bulldog owner think about whether their Frenchie is bound to have floppy ears or just a single ear that is erect.

When they do begin to go up, they often don’t go up simultaneously.

When French Bulldogs are teething, their ears do all kinds of weird things.

For instance, one ear may be up, and one may be down, and the next day inverse of the previous day.

Both ears may be upward, and on the next day, both of them can be downward.

The fact of the matter is, the point at which he/she finishes getting teeth, ears will raise up.

Every French bulldog is on its timetable.

We have had a few pups with flawlessly erect ears at about a month old and different little dogs which have taken ten weeks or longer for their ears to stand up impeccably straight.

Generally, if the ears will go up on their own without assistance, you will see signs that they are beginning to go up by around seven weeks.

In these cases, it is ordinarily best to release them up all alone simply.

How To Help A French Bulldog’s Ears Stand Up?

There are a few things that should be possible to help a French bulldog whose ears won’t hold up.

On the off chance that their ears don’t start to remain upward without any help after around seven weeks, owners might need to consider giving them a touch of assistance by taping them.

Tips for taping your French Bulldog’s ears: 

  • Use 1.5” masking tape to tape around each year individually.
  • Ensure the ear is kept level while taping to maintain a distance from a crinkled looking ear base.
  • Arrange ears to the top where they would typically stand erect.
  • Once in the erect places of 11 and 1 o’clock, make a bridge with tape between the ears.
  • Leave the tape on ears for at least five days; at that point make a little cut at the base of the tape and tenderly strip off to remove.

Do Yogurt And Cheese Work For Stand Up Ears?

Do Yogurt And Cheese Work For Stand Up Ears

You may find some people suggesting to feed them yogurt, cheese, and milk to stand up their ears.

It is better to wait for the teething process. These products won’t help them stand up their ears.

Yogurt and cheese will be consumed in the teething process as they carry a huge portion of calcium, and teeth are all about calcium. After finished teething, the ears will stand up on their own.

Final Words

So I hope this article will help you understand about Bulldog ear problems, and how you can ease them. No two dogs can be of the same type, there could be variations so it’s ok if your dog is suffering from something. Maybe some other is in more bad condition than yours. Don’t forget to share if you have something interesting to share with us.