Best vitamins for French bulldog ( What supplements should you give ? )

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Best vitamins for French bulldog

Home feeding for your bulldog might not be the best for your dog as they tend to lack certain nutrients that are needed for healthy growth.

The nutritional needs required to keep your dog healthy every day may not be met.

To ensure their nutritional needs are met, you might want to give them a specialized multivitamin that protects their skin, coat, digestive, and joints.

In terms of vulnerability to disease, the French bulldog puppy and the senior French bulldog are vulnerable, and they need special nutrient-enriched and nutritional diet to keep them healthy.

If your bulldog’s diet contains the needed dosage of vitamins, it might not be appropriate to add an extra supplement.

When choosing a supplement, it is essential to consider your bulldog’s age, breed, weight, and health condition.

Bulldogs are very susceptible to many health issues, such as for overweight and allergies.

Try to be sure that your dog is not allergic to any of the ingredients in the supplement.

Aside from allergy, some of the bulldog’s owners try to compensate for their dog’s improper feeding habits by using one or two supplements they are familiar with, such as vitamin E or Glucosamine.

This format of dosage is called an unbalanced diet.

An unbalanced diet will unleash pressure on the cardiovascular system of the dog.

It then places an unexpected risk on the bulldog’s health, such as Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoarthritis, and to crown it all, malnutrition.

When you give your bulldog a supplement containing a single type of Vitamin, it can lead to malnutrition.

As an encouragement, unless prescribed by a bulldog’s expert, only consider a supplement that contains a balanced ratio of the whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals for your bulldog.

Since we all agree that English bulldogs are our goofy companions, then we believe they deserve everything wonderful.

To help your pet grow healthy, a balanced vitamin supplement Is a necessity.

Take a walk with us while we take you through the connection between vitamins and your favorite bulldogs

Which vitamins does your dog need?

Vitamins are organic compounds naturally found in food that are necessary to Sustain life. Like humans, Vitamins are also a vital nutrient in the animal cells used for maintenance and growth.

The vitamins include B-vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Choline.

Dogs as an animal also need these vitamins mentioned above. The only difference is that the vitamins are needed in different proportions.

Do French bulldogs need vitamins?

Vitamin is mostly gotten from food, that simply means your dog naturally gets its vitamins from the food they eat.

Nevertheless, commercial dog foods are manufactured based on a perfect calculation of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs.

When dog food is produced commercially, they are produced specially for different stages of your bulldog life cycle since Bulldogs required a different proportion of vitamins at every stage of their life cycle.

Feeding your dog on a commercial diet ensures your dog is on a balanced diet, and you don’t need an additional supplement for your dog unless recommended by an expert.

While you feed your dog homemade food, they may require additional supplements as they may be lacking some vitamins.

What supplements should I give my French bulldog?

In the world today, one-third of bulldogs are given vitamin supplements suitable for preventing joint stiffness, aiding digestion, skin and coat care, and arthritis.

These supplements include skin and coat supplement for bulldogs, Hip and Joint supplements for a bulldog, supplement suitable for puppy bulldog, and the senior dog care supplement.

The supplement mentioned earlier contains the vitals vitamins nutrient in them. Instead of discussing this supplement in this section of the article, we will be discussing the vitamin content of these supplements as they all have something in common.

Here is the list and what they are used for:


Glucosamine is the most prevalent amino acids used as a dog supplement naturally found in the fluid surrounding the joints to help build healthier cartilage.

A report from most veterinarians and dog owners says it is handy for treating arthritis, including joint pain and mobility improvement in older bulldogs.

This claim was also supported by a study done in 2007 in “the veterinary Journal,” saying, “After 70 days of treatment, glucosamine supplement is capable of reducing pain and increase mobility in dogs.”

Glucosamine, as an amino acid, is taken from the shell of shellfish, and it is available in different forms ranging from powders to pill.

Most supplement products love to combine this amino acid with the naturally occurring chondroitin sulfate extracted from cartilages and the tissues of bone.


Well, when it comes to the reduction of inflammation and treatment of heart diseases in dogs, especially the bulldogs, Antioxidant supplements are responsible, according to experts.

Aside from this function, they are a perfect supplement to counteract the effects of aging like cognitive dysfunction and memory loss.

Antioxidants, found in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, also protect the body from free radicals, protects the cell membrane from possible harmful molecules that can cause cell death.

-Fish Oil

After the Glucosamine, in terms of popularity, Fish oil is the second most popular supplement given to dogs.

It contains a particular fatty acid known for eliminating skin allergies and improving the quality of the coat. Aside from this fact, some study in the “American Journal of Veterinary” suggest Fish oil is suitable for reducing inflammation, and most groomers use it for the purpose.


With the recent popularity of probiotics in humans, it is not surprising they are used as dog supplements.

While they live naturally in the host body in the form of yeast, they help treat digestive problems and, most importantly, diarrhea.

As much as they come in some dog food combinations, they also come in other forms like yogurt, powdered form, chew, and capsules. One of their essential function is they aid intestinal health and digestion.

How to Choose a Dog Vitamin Supplements

Unless you are a veterinarian, it is not advisable to just wake up one day and decide your dog needs a vitamin supplement.

Before you choose any supplement for your bulldog, you should consult your veterinarian if there is any vitamin supplement, they think your dog needs.

If your dog needs a supplement either to balance and compliment their homemade diet or probably a medical condition, make sure you get an appropriate supplement.

By appropriate supplements, we mean supplements with the right ingredients and the right amount of dosage.

However, human supplements are quite different, and they may cause harm to your dog.

For this reason, vitamins supplement are specially made for dogs with the right ratio calculated into the feed.

In summary, when choosing a vitamin supplement for your dog, you either stick with your veterinary’s prescribed supplement or purchase a supplement specially made for your dog.

On a quick note, make sure the supplement contains the amount of vitamins your dog needs.

Like we discussed earlier, vitamins are vital as a building block for your dog cells.

The best way to ensure your dog gets the right supplement it needs is to feed your dog with good quality food.

If your dog lacks in Vitamin and you need a supplement, we’ve got you covered.

Kindly take some time to review our top 3 best multivitamins for your French bulldog.

Best multivitamin for French Dog

Listed below is the best multivitamin for your French bulldogs.

Theses multivitamins are picked based on quality, natural ingredients, and customer review on amazon.

Take a walk with us while we take you through the list.

1. Best Multivitamin – Zesty Paws Multivitamin Bites for Dogs

Like its name suggest, Best Multivitamin – Zesty Paws Multivitamin Bites brings nutritive and refreshes bite for your day with every bite accompanied by loads of nutrients, vitamins, and mineral.

It helps improve digestion for your dog and also takes care of Joint, skin, and coat. Thanks to the vital ingredient such as fish oil, vitamin E, and Biotin, all these functions are possible.

All necessary vitamins needed for a dog’s balanced digest is present in these products. The surprising fact about this product is it is suitable for all ages.

Major features

  • Medication type: soft chew
  • Ingredients include: chondroitin, Glucosamine, OptiMSM, Kaneka Q10
  • Major functions include
  • Promotion of skin and coat
  • hip and joint support
  • Improve Immune System and
  • Enhance Digestive Enzymes
  • It also comes in two flavors, chicken and peanut butter.

2. ProSense Multivitamin for All Life Stages of Dogs

Just like the Zesty Paws supplement, here is another all-life stage supplement suitable for your dog.

It is natural to be overwhelmed when considering your dog’s health. This is why a Prosense multivitamin is made for you. You can now quickly help your overall pet wellness by adding this daily Vitamin in their diet

Major Features

  • The proper blend of minerals vitamins and antioxidant keeps your dog safe and healthy
  • Designed to promotes the overall wellness of your dog
  • Notable ingredients included such as Brewer’s Dried Yeast, Salt, Glycerin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid
  • Suitable for all life stages

3. Pet MD – Canine Tabs Plus

The Pet MD – Canine Tabs Plus is an advanced multivitamin suitable for all stages of the dog.

This product was created to provide you with affordable and yet quality vitamin supplements that are natural and advanced.

The supplement comes with 365 tabs that can either be fed to your dog as chewable or crumble into its foods.

Major features

  • The liver flavor makes it tempting for your dog
  • Certified by the independent lab that is, Vet approved
  • Easy to digest
  • The liver powder provides the necessary protein Affordable and suitable for all life stages of your dog.

In conclusion

Remember to always consult your veterinarian when adding the vitamins to your dog’s diet.