Are French Bulldogs Good With Children and other dogs?

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Do French Bulldogs Get Along Well With Kids and Other Dogs?

Also known as Frenchtons or Frenchies, the pudgy fellas are dogs like no other. Affectionately referred to as compact, chubby and one of our favorites; cute, these terms of endearment are just not adequate to classify the adorable little creatures but we’ll try to make do with them :).

So, do you own Frenchies?

How has the experience been with them? We’d love to have you share with us!

Meanwhile, if you’re a Frenchie-newbie or you know next-to-nothing about these pudgy canines other seeing them look graciously adorable while on the walkways with their owners, then, you’re welcome to join us as we explore the personality of these squishy-face canines and some of the traits that prove loving them is way beyond their cute structures.

Are French Bulldogs Sociable?

Yes! Frenchies are arguably one of the most sociable canines in the world, and they also make one of the best companion dogs.

Frenchies are people pleasers, they literally live to please you and would stop at nothing to achieve that.

Not only are they adorably small, which of course is a bonus.

Frenchies are also well-behaved around new people, easy to handle, cheerful and are absolutely one dog we recommend for first time would-be dog families as they fit effortlessly into the family unit.

Mischievous sometimes, these canines would spare nothing to steal your attention whenever and wherever possible as they crave constant attention and companionship (a reason they make one of the best companion dogs).

They do very well with minimal exercise but, certainly enjoy chasing balls and playing outdoors, but do you know another thing they enjoy as well or maybe even more? Curling up on the sofa!

Are French Bulldogs Good With Children?

Let’s see, you’re currently considering adopting a Frenchie, but you have kids and with kids come this lingering concern over how well your babies and the Frenchie would relate.

Quite understandable, because for one, acting “right” around adults is one thing, behaving well with kids, on the other hand, can be a different scenario entirely.

Thankfully, the French bulldog isn’t just any other dog, the French bulldog loves kids! Why do you they’re revered pets among pet owners?  The reason is not so far-fetched, these dogs have for years relentlessly proved their love and respect for their humans and others they meet.

To Frenchies, kids are not only awesome playmates but also siblings hence the need to protect them at all times.

This need to protect the kids around them can cause French bulldogs to get defensive when your kids get around other people or strangers, while they could go all defensive and maybe aggressive to protect your kids, realize that this is entirely done out of love.

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How safe are kids when left alone with Frenchies?

Truth is, as long as they are adopted early (as pups) and grow with your kids under the same roof, Frenchies will never cause harm to them, as they would have over time built an invaluable friendship with them.

Need more perspectives? You can ask any French bulldog owner and they’ll tell you same.

Agreed, they sometimes come off as sullen (all thanks to their brachycephalic face), but their patience with kids cannot be rivaled.

In fact, their trademark endurance, spirited, vibrant nature and priceless moments of roughhousing with kids are some of the reasons they are referred to as one of the most suitable pets for the home.

While younger kids are safe around them, only teenage kids should be left alone with this breed.

You should supervise their play time if your Frenchie is much bigger than your child as some may want to nibble and can become temperamental in a few cases – a reason you should buy them as pups when possible and also teach your kids how to respect and treat this animal or any other pet right.

Be careful with that head

Frenchies live for fun and would tumble the house with their owners, kids inclusive if they could, but as said earlier, your kids should be taught to respect this breed (or any other breed) and not pick them by their heads.

The weighty heads make them easy to drop and could cause an injury.

Teaching your kids before and after your canine comes home how to handle the dog will lead to a happy relationship with mutual understanding.

Also, if your Frenchie shows of overprotectiveness, you should take it seriously less they go aggressive on the wrong people.

One way to prevent or curb this behavior is by socializing your French bulldog early by taking it out for walks regularly in the neighborhood or to the dog park and getting them introduced to new people.

Because of their unflinching loyalty, being around strangers will likely not be a continuous behavioral problem if they are taught to trust being around new people.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Cats?

We’ve all heard it repeatedly, “fighting like cats and dogs”, you’re about to get one but you own a cat, and you are therefore concerned they may have issues getting along.

You’re not alone on that as it is always a concern among many pet lovers looking to add a French bulldog or any other dog to the mix.

And of course, the concern is certainly justified because dogs and cats aren’t exactly known for getting along beautifully, but you may also know from experience that when they finally establish a connection, they really do serve some serious friendship goals.

Now while we cannot deny that this friendship may never come or even come easily for most dogs and cats,  you must understand that every animal is different, and Frenchies are extra different : ) so there is really no reason why your French bulldog can’t be pals with the cat despite its predacious nature.

A little history here: this predacious nature did not just come from nowhere, it was inherited from their wolf ancestors and today, over 12,000 years after their domestication, they still have this instinct embedded in them.

Despite this and contrary to popular belief, dogs and cats can actually be buddies. With some planning and patience, your Frenchie will definitely do well around your cat.

So, if the new Frenchie has never been around felines before, expect him to want to chase the first he sees in your home. But be patient and try not to get frustrated as this is just instincts kicking in.

Frenchies are sweet canines but things can go awry quickly when introducing them to cats without some preparations.

Understand body language differences

Unlike us humans, animals rely solely on body language to communicate, and as they naturally lack the verbal communications skills we possess, misinterpreting each other’s body language is way too easy.

A cat, for example, may misinterpret a dog’s raised paw originally meant to signify its readiness to play as a form of aggression and attack the dog.

Cats on the other hand intentionally rub against people or dogs to be friendly, while your dog on its part might misinterpret this as a threat.

Obviously, they both speak different languages and may often misjudge each other’s actual intentions. As a result, it is important that they are supervised until you are very certain they will not cause harm to each other.

Before their meeting

If they are yet to meet, some obedience training with your French bulldog is a good place to start. Brush up on the basics if possible as you want your French bulldog to be able to respond and conduct himself well to reduce or possibly avoid any risk of injury.

Be realistic

Be realistic in your expectations for the first few meeting and do not get frustrated if they don’t hit off at their first meeting, remember, somehow, pets are like us humans who take quite some time to build a friendship.

Introducing your French bulldog to a cat

Don’t rush it. Believe it, the last thing you want to do is introduce your French bulldog to your cat by placing them in a room with no rules. Trust us, you don’t want that!

Have both separated at first, and then adjust them to their new environment.

You could start by placing each pet’s belongings in the other’s space so they get used to their scents. Give them some days to get comfortable with being around each other’s scent.

When they get comfortable and each going about their own business, you will want to make the introductions.

Their first meeting should be brief, 10-15 minutes will do. Secure your French bulldog on its leash and only make the cat approach when it feels comfortable to do so.

If your dog stays calm, reward the behavior with treats and praise. Subsequent meetings should be similar to the first one until your Frenchie calms down and is ignoring the cat. Your cat will be comfortable when it is calm and going about its usual routine as before.

However, separate them immediately if things go south.

As time goes on, you can slowly increase the amount of time they spend together, but note that it may take weeks or even months for the two to get comfortable around each other.

Traits to watch out for

If you observe any aggression, stop the meeting and reduce the next meeting’s duration.  If you also notice any of the following signs, you may need to stop their meetings entirely and get professional help.

Your French Bulldog growls, lunges or shows any sign of aggression towards a usually calm feline.

Your feline is hissing, swatting or even growling.

End the meeting and try again in a few days. The cat is apparently not pleased with your Frenchie’s presence.

Your cat is uncomfortable enough not to eat, drink or use its litter box around your Frenchie.

Again, if you notice any of these behaviors, seek professional help.

There you go, and hopefully, you’re better prepared to handle your French bulldog’s meeting with your cat.

Are French Bulldogs Good With Other Dogs?

Generally, Frenchies are level-headed and may have no problem getting along with other animals (except cats sometimes), including dogs. However, despite their geniality, you must keep in mind that they are still small dogs who can easily get hurt by larger dog breeds.

Also, understand that, like with virtually every other dog, the level at which a French bulldog may get along with other dogs/animals is majorly dependent on how well they were socialized as puppies.

If you need recommendations on the best breeds to have around your Frenchie, a great option would be a smaller breed, maybe another Frenchie, Boxer, Greyhound, Labrador, Bulldog, Boston terrier, etc.

Bigger and more boisterous breeds like German shepherds, collies etc. might not be the best choice because of their personalities and size which may likely get in the way of any relationship.

That said, French bulldogs were bred to be companions and while they crave your attention and care, Frenchies will waste no time reciprocating your love.

Another thing truly unique and one you can count on is the special relationship and bond that is sure to develop between a Frenchie and your kids especially when raised together.

Wondering if they are truly what we and tons of other French bulldog owners say they are? Well, there are loads of fun YouTube videos on them, go check them out!